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John Boehner: Edward Snowden Is A 'Traitor'

John Boehner: Edward Snowden Is A 'Traitor'

Commented Jun 19, 2013 at 18:53:16 in Politics

“The disclosure of "ANY" information to aid the enemy of how we attempt to disrupt or gain intelligence from them is a crime if not treason against our Nation. As a military member who is provided training more then I can bear of how the information freedom civilians and military members have on media like facebook and twitter can be collected and targeted against our nation if not individual American's. We argue so much about our Constitutional rights while the same undisciplined freedom of passing information over open media is being leaked ever second that is jeopardizing your military loved ones or innocent and defenseless people. Like where your visiting them on deployments, when you talked to them, who there with, what affiliation they have, or even personal information that can be used to connect the dots. Our freedoms are truly our demise and our enemies even on our own soil have no problem exploiting the unaware and undisciplined. Most civilians don't understand what the House Speaker means by how Mr. Snowden disclosure harms the lives of Americans because you don't understand there is a war going on in collecting intelligence to take advantage of the weaker nation and we don't want to loose. God bless America and ever civilian I fight for, there is a war going on that you can't see or hear and our nation is trying to win.”