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Pope Perpetuates Religious Prejudice by Blessing "Disabled Man"

Commented Mar 22, 2013 at 11:41:13 in Politics

“The issue divides into what the pope intended to do (which we will probably never know), and the symbolic significance of his actions (how they look to other people). There’s no doubt that the pope intends to come from a place of love and acceptance, and it’s quite probable that the person he blessed accepted his blessing on these terms. But, the article is right, the pope has assumed a lot, and it may be that blessing a different person with the same condition as the person he blessed would have a very negative reaction for the reasons the article states. Disability might not be something to be sympathized with or cured, it might be part of someone’s identity – like having brown hair. If the pope blessed me because I am black, I would ask: “Where is the deficit?”, “What are you intending to sympathize with?”, or even just “Why?” in the same way one would ask why if he blessed everybody with pierced ears. Like race, disability is an identity and is very individual. The pope is possibly assuming that disabled people are a group with a deficiency that is in need of a blessing because of that deficiency. This simply isn’t the case.”