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GSA Conference Video Shows Lavish Vegas Spending: EXCLUSIVE

GSA Conference Video Shows Lavish Vegas Spending: EXCLUSIVE

Commented Apr 17, 2012 at 21:23:42 in Politics

“Take a break on this. During the Bush run at the Department of Labor OSHA they had something close to this but nothing was ever done. Reference Washington Post story on Audit Faults Payment of $681,379 to OSHA Consultant. Also IG investigation on the very same issue. "DOL IG Procurement Violation and Irregularities Occurred in OSHA's Oversight of Blanket Purchase Agreement" This was under Edwin G. Faulke Jr. and his best buddy Randy Kimlin. The great thing about this was all of the folks tied to this ,protected each other and in some cases promoted to senior level management.... They had a big party in FL with food and all. What Kimlin was hired for, OSHA already did this during their Re-invention phase of the Clinton administration, so the tax payers got to pay for it twice. Plus most of what they said they would do was not necessary and or was already being done by federal employees.”