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Why Art Matters

Commented Dec 16, 2008 at 15:06:42 in Style

“The Chelsea Mary Boone gallery is a beautiful space. With it's integration of the old architecture, natural light and high ceilings, one could certainly find solace in just being in the gallery.

But it rarely has anything to do with the art. The fact that 99% of Americans have no idea how to respond to, enter into, or interpret most of today's contemporary art- let alone get solace from it- is exactly why art doesn't matter to most, and certainly to ailing Americans.

Certainly the work is subjective, and it's okay to feel a bit uncomfortable when deciphering a work of art, but can anyone in your family name a living contemporary artist that average Americans would know? Has any artist in the last 20 years infiltrated the consciousness of America in a unifying or ground-breaking manner? The last artist to achieve Household name status before warhol made pop-culture art was Jackson Pollock, and most people still don't understand why his work was interesting, let alone amazing.

By all means, people should do what they can to shell out the double-digit entry fees to museums, in order to see the artists, most long dead, who can heal and connect us with what is important. But if the contemporary art world wants to be a part of that tradition, it, like Wall Street, and the Big 3, needs a spiritual overhaul.”