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Naturalization Push Ahead Of November Election

Naturalization Push Ahead Of November Election

Commented Apr 22, 2012 at 08:34:10 in Latino Voices

“Uhm you do realize how many of the folks you mention are citizens and become citizens?”
Naturalization Push Ahead Of November Election

Naturalization Push Ahead Of November Election

Commented Apr 22, 2012 at 08:31:19 in Latino Voices

“Buddy! Your comment makes no sense. These folks are already allowed to work in the us with their current legal status (the are all LEGAL PERMANENT RESIDENTS). And oh they are super proud to become americans so we will never lose that!”
Naturalization Push Ahead Of November Election

Naturalization Push Ahead Of November Election

Commented Apr 22, 2012 at 08:27:27 in Latino Voices

“Hey morons!!! These people are LEGAL PERMANENT RESIDENTS. It means they, and only they, no one else, can apply for citizenship. Quit your idiotic mesages and learn what this is talking about. You should all be happy that so many LEGAL PERMANENT RESIDENTS are so proud to become americans. Some have waited more than 20 years for this.”

mustangdad2000 on Apr 22, 2012 at 09:51:02

“Sorry, dearie, but apparently you read the article, but you simply failed to comprehend it.

The article addresses part of the equation, i.e., those legal residents who have not ever bothered to register to vote, even though they may have been qualified to do so. The question should be why have they not reistered before if they were so interested in the American system? Why did it takea knock at the door by democrat operatives to encourage them to vote?

ABO 2012”

runswthscisors40 on Apr 22, 2012 at 09:27:23

“We can read, and interpret the slant here by HP..........There is not a thing wrong with legal permanent residents getting their naturalization done so they may vote........but even you should be able to read that it is also includes a push to legalize those that are here illegally.......if you can't get that from the article...........then who is the true "moron" here???............”

LFox6 on Apr 22, 2012 at 09:11:00

“I agree, we still welcome immigrants who come through the doors the right way- welcome to them all, whether they vote GOP or Democrat!”

rpokeytruck on Apr 22, 2012 at 09:02:59

“Danged straight! I just wish it wasnt a desperation move by obama. I'm all for assets to my country. Thats what Ellis Island was all about, pride in becoming American and Hope, thats the mindset our immigration reform needs.”

Maliengus on Apr 22, 2012 at 09:00:54

“Reading comprehension seems to be an ongoing problem for the conservative crowd.”

its miller time on Apr 22, 2012 at 08:55:44

“You are talking to the ig/norant, one's who facts don't matter and just lost causes.”

kksm1 on Apr 22, 2012 at 08:51:27

“The issue is they are getting illegals registered to vote as they have been getting the dead to vote. The leftist use voter fraud as a tool, and it has been business as usual for them for years. Thats the issue that has people riled up. The illegals voting, the dead voting,and individuals voting often with different bogus identities. Tell me you dont have a problem with that part of the equation, unless of course your involved in the voter fraud.”
huffingtonpost entry

Why The DREAM Act Is So Important

Commented Dec 14, 2010 at 17:42:59 in Politics

“You are right for now. So why don't you complain to congress on their failure to pass a TRUE COMPREHENSIVE REFORM, and get out of the forums where you are frankly not making that much of a difference. The system to migrate legally is a mess on its own, hence why illegal immigraiton becomes a viable source of entry!

Unless obviously you are one of the people in here that would rather a closed door policy in America, and close even channels of legal migration.”
huffingtonpost entry

Why The DREAM Act Is So Important

Commented Dec 14, 2010 at 17:40:14 in Politics

There is no in-state eligibility under the DREAM Act. each individual will receive a NON-IMMIGRANT legal status, meaning each state will have to define what that means under their own in-state policy. Go read the bill if you are so well educated, these kids know better than you!
No university is against the DREAM Act. Universities across the nation have room to spare. The majority of these kids would be going to public schools anyways, in which across the nation the reality is very much similar for almost all schools, they could all use more students paying fully into the system. not even gonna bother with your third statement because it's just well, those schools have the capacity to intake those kids, otherwise they would not be there.

THIS is real life:
The dream act on it's current status as passed by the House would provide an over $1.4 billion reduce in the deficit over the mere next years. Tuition will not hike as money currently wasted will be now used to educate thousands, while filling gaps in the system itself. These men and women will only create more power for the nation. I see nothing bad in that!

And please stop reading the news only and go read the bill and all the studies done around it.”

Vince Weiguang Li on Dec 15, 2010 at 02:53:57

How the Dream Act will reduce the deficit is a complete fabrication while keeping tuition from rising. That is the biggest load I have heard in a long long time.”

Vince Weiguang Li on Dec 15, 2010 at 02:50:34

“FACT 2.
In California the public university system is over loaded and due to the budget deficit there is under capacity. That is a fact. It is common that UC and CSU students cannot get the classes that they need to graduate in 4 years.

If you take the time to read: in Ca each in state tuition attendee is subsidized $23,000 per undergrad student in the UC system. There are according to Ramirez v Regents, 25,000 illegal aliens attending Undergrad at UCs. One can expect that there are a greater number at the Cal State U system. for UC alone the illegal alien subsidy is $575 Million a year from the taxpayer. This year to address the budget deficit at UC they raised tuition 8% for all students. That is approximately $800 per student for 325,000 students. In addition they cut salaries and retirement of many teachers and administration employees. That is $260 million still not half of the cost to subsidize the illegals. So to raise more money, UC and CSU will admit a smaller percentage of in state California students and will admit more out of state and foreign students.

So you are Dreaming when you opine that there are unlimited slots in public universities, and in fact the Dream Act will contribute to less slots being available to state legal resident kids who played by the rules.”

Vince Weiguang Li on Dec 15, 2010 at 02:35:57

“You are dreaming.

The Dream act as currently concocted, does allow illegals the right to in state tuition. I have personal knowledge of the Ca Dream Act that is currently in action to the tune of 25,000 illegal aliens at just the UC system.

Without any doubt, as I have observed its application in Ca, illegal aliens admitted under the act do not have to satisfy the 12 months continuous residence test that lifetime legal residents must satisfy.

Example, you are a California citizen or legal resident kid and go to college out of state, for example Ohio and go to Ohio State for 2 years. Your dad gets laid off and your family cannot afford the out of state tuition in Ohio, You move back to Ca. You were considered a non resident in Ohio. You have voted absentee and paid California income taxes on your in state earnings and out of state earnings and investment income if any on a form 540 resident income tax return for Ca.
When you come back, if you tell the truth to the UC or CSU or JC admissions people you will need to pay out of state tuition in CA as you were not present for 12 continuous months in Ca.

Meanwhile applicants under the CA Dream Act need not satisfy the 12 month test to qualify for in state tuition.

Thus you have the completely insane result, that illegals are given preferential treatment under the CA Dream Act.”
Minority Population Growing, Dispersing: Fewer Congressional Districts Are Predominantly White

Minority Population Growing, Dispersing: Fewer Congressional Districts Are Predominantly White

Commented Dec 18, 2009 at 11:58:53 in Politics

“man i hate when posts wont let you type more than 250 words...heres the rest i had to say:

This is awesome to see many races mixing in with white colored people.

Guess's a little message to all white's out there (obviously im not white so i can say this - latino by the way), American or, we seriously love y'all, otherwise we would not be trying to get to mingle with you, don't be scared because the more scared you are the more damage you cause to the communities, if blacks move to your neighborhood, MINGLE WITH THEM, if Asians migrate there, CALL THEM OVER FOR BARBERCUE, if a Mexican is your next door neighbor, GO LISTEN TO SOME MUSIC AND DANCE, if a Brazilian is upstairs of you, GO WATCH SOME SOCCER AND TEACH THEM SOME FOOTBALL. Let the idea of coexist not be a religious idea any longer, let it be a social aspect of natural daily life!

2010 has no space for racism!
Lets mix this nation up and do it well!”

JWB2012 on Dec 31, 2009 at 00:34:49

“Proud to be yer first fan. I have lived in 23 countries in my life ( born and raised so. Cal. and now residing in Mexico for the 2nd time), and welcome your open heart as a fellow human being and Global Citizen. Your ideas can be applicable to all humanity, not just the U.S. Gracias!”
Minority Population Growing, Dispersing: Fewer Congressional Districts Are Predominantly White

Minority Population Growing, Dispersing: Fewer Congressional Districts Are Predominantly White

Commented Dec 18, 2009 at 11:58:09 in Politics

“I think this is an interesting fact that has been in motion possibly since world war 1.
But after seeing some comments i must ask one thing...America is a malting pot of nations, has always been. Why cant people just quit the racial nonsense and just live together. It is rather factual that whites will never be THE predominant race of the earth, if people ever felt that they should, well, remember Adolf Hitler. Whenever a "race" tries to be the outnumbering one they get into strife, get the minorities pressed and wind up dictating the lives of others. No human being has that right. So it makes me rejoice to see the word diversification in true essence in this great nation that is America.
White/Black/Asian/African/Easter European/Hispanic/Latin/Australian/Russian/Whatever-else-you-may-consider-to-be-a-race supremacy cannot exist in a nation of the caliber of America.
To make a soup you need many vegetables and that soup needs many seasonings as well so it can taste to perfection. THAT IS AMERICA, THAT IS THE AMERICAN IDEOLOGY, THAT I BELIEVE IS THE PLAN OF MANY OF THE FOUNDING FATHERS!”