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What the Reports Don't Say About Post-35 Motherhood

What the Reports Don't Say About Post-35 Motherhood

Commented Jul 19, 2010 at 14:02:02 in Healthy Living

“I had my two girls when I was 36 and 38.

Although I had never planned to have my children late, I am glad I did because I make MY mistakes BEFORE before I had children, and spared them the consequences!

By the time I had my children, I had divorced an abusive man, finished my education, learnt about myself, and I was more mature. When I married my children's father,I chose with my eyes open.

I learnt a lot about parent ting too: Mostly that I am my child's grounding post: Forever. This meant that as a parent, no matter what was going on in my life, or what mood I was in: I was the responsible grownup. My children needed me for rules, humor, safety, love, and respect so they could grow up to be responsible and independent adults. My trick? To use humor, see challenges as teaching opportunities, and to ask them questions!.And to never abandon them when their feelings were too much for me.

I learnt to ASK them what they wanted, and how they felt-what they wanted and felt was almost never what I thought they wanted or felt.

As for energy: when you truly love, enjoy, listen to and respect your children, the energy is always there no matter how old you are: because being with them brings joy.

Grandparents? Whats that about? The childs needs or the parents needs?”
Conceptualizing Autism:

Conceptualizing Autism: "Cloud" vs. "Spectrum"

Commented Jul 19, 2010 at 01:43:13 in Healthy Living

“I agree with Trnsntl- A "cloud?"- Seriously? And electromagnetic waves- Arnt they electric and magnetic and move in one direction: isnt that three dimensions? Seriously, We know too little about the biology/genetics of Autism and related disorders, to know what belongs in one dimension vs another. Just let the cloud analogy go......!

If I were to give my personal two-cents, I would say this.

That these conversations are happening is evidence of our population’s acceptance, learning and understanding of Autism and related disorders. With open discussion, comes understanding and acceptance. Sometimes I just wish it wasn’t so slow.”