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Outside the Fences

Commented Nov 3, 2010 at 11:25:57 in Impact

“I read through this entire blog before I actually noticed who the writer was and at the end it was a wonderful bonus to realize it was written by none other than Jon Foreman.

I doubt that I understood everything that you wanted to convey in this article, however I do think from my standpoint it was very refreshing to hear. I'll have to disagree with Diannaa in saying I believe all art is good art is exactly what I thought you were saying. Making a choice based only on what you enjoy is good regardless of what Experts, So called critics and everyone else thinks about your choice. We should of course always listen to a new song with an open mind regardless of if it was written by the most famous or the most unknown artists on earth and make our own opinions about if we like the sound and conveyed message of the song. I am probably misunderstanding what you wrote Mr. Foreman, but I do love what I think I read. Thank you for the post.”