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Should You Divorce Someone Who's Suicidal?

Should You Divorce Someone Who's Suicidal?

Commented Feb 21, 2011 at 10:47:35 in Divorce

“julie, you may be the uneducated one. after having lived with my sister and her husband, who was diagnosed with MS, shows signs of being bipolar, and has an opiate addiction due to the drugs he is prescribed but misuses, it was only after he assaulted my sister, drained their bank account and triumphantly defied and ignored any requests for behavioral change and assistance from doctors that she asked for that she left the house because it was unsafe for her. there are those who can deal with mental disease and people who excuse their actions because of it. you cannot and will not be able to live with anyone who can't see that their disease affects the other spouse and uses it as leverage to accomplish their goals.”