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NYPD Spied On Muslim Students At Yale, All Over The Northeast

NYPD Spied On Muslim Students At Yale, All Over The Northeast

Commented Feb 21, 2012 at 12:48:29 in College

“I grew up in Hollis Queens back in the early 70's and went to Jamaica HS. Every day after school and weekends my friends and I use to hang-out on street corners like 184th place and 90th ave., Hillside ave. and many other local areas of our neighborhood. We didn't cause any trouble or bother people. One summer night during a city wide black out we (my group of friends) were hanging-out and the local NYPD from the 103 pct surrounded us with weapons in drawn because of robbery complaints around the area. We had nothing to do with it but what surprised us most was the NYPD knew us ALL by name. How and why did they know this? At some point the NYPD had to be watching us, following us and asking questions about us. Why? Because we were teenagers? Maybe, in their eyes they were keeping our middle class neighborhood safe. I'm not angry with them, it's their job to protect, same as with them watching these Muslims. With all this terrorism going on in the world one never knows who good or bad, just like back in my Hollis neighborhood during the 70's!”