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Hurricane Sandy Looting, Fights Plague South Brooklyn (PHOTOS)

Hurricane Sandy Looting, Fights Plague South Brooklyn (PHOTOS)

Commented Nov 2, 2012 at 13:44:05 in Crime

“Okay, I wonder where all the people live that have nothing better to do but posting many uninformed and sadly also many racist comments... the question here is not color, but a social one. This neighborhood has a high crime rate no matter what, so obviously that goes up when something happens. And that is the same everywhere. You would have reactions like that in white, asian, black - really any racial kind of neighborhood that has high crime.

To the situation: I actually live in Brooklyn and work for a ministry there. Wednesday we were able to drive out to Coney Island and distribute food and water. The devastation there is UNBELIEVABLE. By that time there had been ZERO help from the city yet - no Red Cross, no National Guard, nothing, to nobody. To this point there is hardly any relief going on in these areas, lights and electricity are still out! We distributed food to white americans, black people, asians and europeans. The people were thankful. Nobody robbed us, young guys dropped their cool and were plainly thankful.

So maybe you can just skip posting your comments and actually see how you could help... because your comments don't help. Anyone.”

idontlikeobama on Nov 25, 2012 at 13:27:35

“I agree that race doesnt need to be brought up by ANY color but yet it always seems to find its way into issues and to be fair it comes from both sides. However, there has to be some acknowledgment of the fact that the Obama Administration is sending aid over to other countries-Syria for example-while people are struggling, starving and homeless here in the US. To say this was done in other Administrations is irrelevant because Obama has the opportunity to actually make a 'change,' yet he does nothing. I didnt vote for him, but if he put an end to foreign aid until the US was back on its feet and out of the red, I would change my opinion of him in a heartbeat. It disgusts me that people are hurting so badly here in the US and our tax money and aid money is being sent away. I feel sorry for those in other countries that struggle also, but right now we need to take care of our own and THEN offer what help we can to others. Its not fair to the American people to resort to looting, searching trash cans for food and begging on street corners. I want my tax money going to Americans!”

Djoonie Blu on Nov 3, 2012 at 06:31:55

“I'm not surprized by the racist remarks. When Huff Post presents the opportunity, its readers seemingly cannot control themselves and post the most shameless, baseless accusations.

There was nothing in the article that pointed to any one racial group as the perpetrators, yet racists in their imaginations, conjure up the worst of all scenarios to justify their bigotry.

What does surprise me is that moderators let these comments post.”