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Los Angeles Fire Heroes Rescue Dog From Raging LA River (Video)

Commented Jan 23, 2010 at 19:51:19 in Los Angeles

“It is so nice to see someone's natural compassion for life under any circumstances. Not only was it his job but his instinct to rescue this beautiful German Shepherd.”
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Media Mud Pies: CNN's Embarrassing Response to Fox

Commented Sep 21, 2009 at 21:29:10 in Media

“CNN can not call Fox out on distorted facts, as someone commented below, because they distort the exact same facts 99% of the time. We do not have a main-stream television media source other than BBC America, at times, that gives us the truth, complete coverage of all the facts, on all issues, from all sides of party and non-party lines. From the beginning of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq we never heard any real numbers or knew what was happening to our soldiers and the lack of care our country was providing. That, of course it just one example in a long line of incomplete news coverage our mainstream media provides. We are lucky now to be in the age of the Internet and have news on the World Wide Web, not just the American news. US news is so sadly bought and paid for by corporations and government regulations it violates free speech! I couldn't tolerate listening to the entire Rick Sanchez video; it really insults all of our intelligence. It is a great example of the insulting dialogue reporters present as valid and relative commentary.”
Obama Swiftboats Van Jones

Obama Swiftboats Van Jones

Commented Sep 7, 2009 at 14:47:56 in Politics

“I am so sicked by the lack of support Obama denied to one of his own. If Obama won't support someone he hired where does that leave the rest of us??? Van Jones is a great loss. One thing I do respect about the right wing is they usually stand behind the people they believe in or just want in whatever position they hold. Both the media and the general public are not allowed to question their choices. If the situation was reversed the republicans would have made a statement, the media would take it for a few days and it would vanish. The Dems can't get anything done because they never have conviction. They are so afraid of what the right will do they do not take a stand on anything. When Bush put something into law or changed policy there were no long drawn out explanations it just was. Of course Cheney would remind us that the world would come to and end as reason for almost anything. I wish Obama would go forward with the changes he campaigned on and forget trying so hard to please the right.”
Meet Peach, My Loving Pit Bull - The Anti-Palin

Meet Peach, My Loving Pit Bull - The Anti-Palin

Commented Sep 8, 2008 at 18:43:45 in Healthy Living

“Peach has the patience of a saint! haha That is what a beautiful, gentle, being looks like when they are filled with love as Peach so obviously is! Just as humans can be trained killers which this country has done for years, other mammals can be trained as killers too. What people need to remember is the violence does not come from the nature of the pit bull but the nature of the human who has created the violence. Yes, you can say not all breeds have that in them, probably true. Still, if it's not taught you will have a gorgeous loving Pit just like Peach!”
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Pelosi Gets "Booked" & Confronts Her Own Past

Commented Aug 23, 2008 at 22:58:35 in Politics

“Great article my friend! I wish I could have been there with you all that evening. Knowing Jodie as I do I can actually hear the whole tone in my head the way you describe the exchange between Jodie and Pelosi. It is quite sad how the few women in this country we have in these positions of so called power have completely sold their souls. One can only wonder in their quite moments how they really feel, it can't be pretty.
Congrats on a successful evening! No matter who gets elected as we have seen so many times in the past everything won't just be ok without the American people standing up for our rights and what we believe in. Nothing changes without our voices!”