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Eyewitness Report on the Judaization of East Jerusalem

Commented Apr 4, 2010 at 15:23:01 in World

“If we who agree with Peace Now write unconditonally and without qualification as Pogrebin does in this article that “When Israel unilaterally annexed the area in 1967, creating a metropolis three times the size of Jerusalem's pre-war borders, its 70,000 Arab residents were given residency status, not full citizenship”. The truth is that Israel offered full citizenship to all 70,000 of the Arab residents but that most refused it. To anyone who remembers that, the Pogrebin assertion across more like disengenous propaganda than an unbiased reiteration of history. As for those who did not know the facts before and think that after reading Pogrebin’s article they do -- I fear that the AIPAC and CAMERIA and their ilk will bombard them with that fact about Arab East Jerusalemites, which will then leave them with the impression that Peace Now cannot be trusted to tell the truth.”