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jaded romantic's Comments

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Each and Every Suicide Diminishes Us

Commented Apr 18, 2012 at 16:09:30 in Religion

“I don't believe in God, hell, or heaven. I have lived my life believing in Karma, but I no longer believe in it. I show kindness to others and even animals just because I'd want to be treated that way.

Knowing my friends who struggled with mental illness and considerable traumas that Hollywood couldn't make up - if there was a God who deemed them taking their lives was a sin, I wouldn't want to know such a God. I've seen them struggle, fight valiantly, be abandoned and betrayed by their family... I doubt even Jacob could have come out on top if he had a severe mental illness and no support system.”

SueZbell on Apr 18, 2012 at 22:06:48

“God is often called, "Heavenly Father". In reality, if any "father" in the USA were present, knew what was going on--assault, rape, murder of some children by other children--could stop it but did not, that father would be a criminal by any sane and reasonable sense of right and wrong. I see no reason to apply a different standard of right vs. wrong to any supposed "Heavenly Father".”
huffingtonpost entry

Each and Every Suicide Diminishes Us

Commented Apr 18, 2012 at 05:56:03 in Religion

“I've had 2 friends take their lives and it was heartbreaking, but I understood the struggles they had gone through and hope they are at peace.

I don't believe in "guardian angels" and I believe that sometimes the life some lead are so burdened with pain that self-determination is warranted. People who rattle on about life being precious have not walked in another's shoes.

What I don't support are idiots who do it impulsively - or who take out their family or others as well. If you have family - children, spouse - it's a much more difficult situation.

Me, as an example, I have no family. I have no close friends any longer. I've deliberately distanced myself from friends. No plans to jump off a bridge or any other action but I have consistently felt that I have nothing left to offer. I take chances & push limits - I have nothing to lose. I believe opportunity or fate will present itself.”