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Why I'm Releasing My Novel on Twitter

Commented Jul 20, 2009 at 12:54:21 in Media

“To go along with Nicks comment, I also have a hat in the ring as having the first novel on twitter. Nick started his about 10 days before I started posting my late wife's novel "Cowboy". She would have loved the idea of telling the story in this fashion. It took until 10/27/08, and 3501 tweets to finish. It's at When i was looking for other people who may have been posting their books on twitter last year, I ran across a few who had started, but then turned into a posting to say read my novel at some web site address. Not the same. I believe my wife's novel's claim to fame will be the first "completed" novel on twitter. Good luck with this. While it is difficult to read backwards, it's a lot of fun.”

Matt Stewart 1 on Jul 24, 2009 at 00:49:58

“Hey Jim, I poked around and thought that nobody had RELEASED a complete novel on Twitter - people had only WRITTEN novels on Twitter or republished old novels. After I launched, I did hear about your story, and it's sad and beautiful and terrific all at once. You may have me on that. I could add the further caveat that my novel is the first full-length, complete, agented novel released on Twitter, but that's kinda silly.

For the record, I also qualified all my statements with "as far as I can tell." There's always something else in the blogosphere, and you were it this time.

I think this extra attention is great for all Twitter writers/novelists, and I'm psyched to see the experimentation continue. Your devotion to your wife is inspiring, and I really appreciate your warm words.

Rock on