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Fuerza Bicicleta: Urban Biking in Latin America

Fuerza Bicicleta: Urban Biking in Latin America

Commented Nov 15, 2012 at 14:22:13 in Green

“I’d add that Mexico City has one of the oldest “Sunday shutdowns” of a large part of Paseo de la Reforma and the Eje Central – which in a city that big is a real feat. It’s also relatively easy to get an ecobici card there as a foreigner (or at least it was when I was living there).

One thing that I find funny in LatAm is that the culture of biking is very different. People are defensive bikers by nature (like they are drivers) and know that one false move and they’re dead…which is very different than the “I’m in my bike lane I must be safe from harm” mentality here and in places like Barcelona. They have these fantastic ads on the Metrobus in Mexico City warning against intermodal complacency ( – I love this ad because you can’t tell whether it’s the pedestrian hugging the car or dead in a heart-shaped pool of blood (very macabre mexicano).”