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huffingtonpost entry

USA-El Salvador: What Did We Learn

Commented Feb 25, 2010 at 13:51:16 in Sports

“We had a pretty similar view of the game Bergman. I must admit I am still baffled-- like you-- to as why Bornstien still gets called up. He is horrendous in the defensive transition, lacks ball awareness and gets caught sleeping far too often. And unlike Johnathan Spector--not a great defender-- he can't cross the ball from the wing or create chances go forward on the overlap. He needs to be dropped.

But the build-up lacked the patience and creativity in the final third. I must agree with you Bergman. The U.S. is always in a rush to attack, we don't seem to want the ball or want to create and wear down our oppositions. We are a counter attack team that can't regain its composure and work the ball a bit. And because of that we just send in poor cross after poor cross to a penalty area with two strikers trying to beat out 3 or 4 opposing defenders. Hopefully Rodgers and a few others can fill that attacking spot, and help us hold the ball down for a bit and finish on our chances.

But Bradley has baffled me so many times before with his selection that I see myself being irritated by next week's picks and the selection for the World Cup final roster.

By the way, I hope you have seen Adu recently. He has been getting regular action and is performing pretty well in Greece now that he is comfortable.”
huffingtonpost entry

USA-El Salvador: What Did We Learn

Commented Feb 25, 2010 at 13:44:17 in Sports

“I liked what Beckerman did. He isn't a classy midfielder, he is a down in the trenches kind of guy. In fact, I like him more than Clark. Ricardo Clark pains me to watch as the HOLDING (defensive) midfielder.”