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Telling Amy's Story -- It's Time to Talk

Commented Dec 13, 2010 at 21:25:52 in Healthy Living

“Just as with every social issue we as a society deal with, it takes a village to assist victims of intimate partner violence. I am fortuante to volunteer with an organization that helps women and their children receive shelter and counseling, participate in support groups, and find help with legal, medical, emotional and work needs. We offer them the knowledge of a healthy and violence-free lifestyle, while equipping them with a plan for safety, a list of resources for permanent housing as well as other life necessities. In order to break the cycle of abuse, we must go beyond treating just the physical injuries. We also address the needs of depression, anxiety, and other emotional wounds. Families spend about a month with us and continue to receive support after they leave. We assist victims in the community as well through our Court Advocacy program, hospital accompaniment, community support groups, individual counseling and educational presentations.

In addition to working with victims and their families, we are constanly working to raise awareness in our community. Everyone as to be ready to stand up against violence that destroys familes. These victims are our family members, friends, and members of our community. We all have to stand together to say that this violence is not acceptable and that we will no longer tolerate it.

Congratulations to Mariska Hargitay for using her fame to bring t his issue to our attention!”