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Beyond The Battlefield: Afghanistan's Wounded Struggle With Genital Injuries

Commented Mar 21, 2012 at 20:39:13 in Politics

“This man is a Hero and uncle sam needs to buck up for the best medical care and plastic surgeons in the world to help this guy and every other wounded vet in this country, I feel that any one wounded like he was serving out country should be paid by uncle sam and never have to worry about money again, this guys deserve way better treatment, i would love to see this happen to any one of our senators or congressman, like spytheweb said, who live fat rich lives and most are corrupt and we would be out of Afghanistan the next day”
Osama Bin Laden's Hunter: CIA Analyst Examined

Osama Bin Laden's Hunter: CIA Analyst Examined

Commented Jul 5, 2011 at 09:06:48 in Politics

“It's very funny that their stories keep coming out week after week, they could have released within a week of the raid but off course not they are trying to calm the American people and make them think O YAA we got OBL look we are doing good thinks, yaaa okk nice try you really think that our government with all of our power and CIA, FBI NSA and all the other black agencies not including all of the satellites and foreign governments we have on our payroll that we didn't know he was in Pakistan Hiding in a MILITARYY STATEEEE living in a house a few hundred yards from thousands of Pakistan troops YAAAAA OKKKKKK they kept OBL as THE USA'S BOOGIE MAN, TO KEEP US ALL SCARD, and just when finally the American people are finally waking up they just so happen to find and YET KILLL OBL. REALLY ARE NAVY SEALS COULDNT HAVE GOT HIM ALIVE YAA RIGHT we wanted him dead so he couldn’t talk. Their plan worked just as they wanted, give us a false sense of security and show they got the bad guy..WAKE UP AMERICAAA!”
Lauren Spierer, Indiana University Student, Missing

Lauren Spierer, Indiana University Student, Missing

Commented Jun 7, 2011 at 08:58:56 in College

“You are the exact reason why this country is in the SH*IT HOLE, ALL YOU DO IS LOATH AND HATE ON WHITES WHEN YOU PROBABLY DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to better this country, get over it!!! A beautiful smart young women on her way to a college degree and would have made this country a better place is missing and was probably taken by a god offal sick SOB that i would gladly be happy to make disappear if i had the chance and will probably never see he loving family again, We as in BLACK AND WHITE should be doing all we can to help find this girl and anyone else who needs help in this country and world to the best of our ability! If people would actually get off their fat A## and do some good it would be a different place!!”
Bug Bites: Which Ones You Should Worry About

Bug Bites: Which Ones You Should Worry About

Commented Apr 13, 2011 at 17:54:03 in Home

“I am 23 from philly but when i was 12 i lost about 25 pounds and suffered from severe i mean severe pain in my shoulder and knee and not one person believed me that i was in pain not even my mom and they all thought i was faking it until i looked like death from the weight loss then i got taken to the doc and turned out i had lyme from being in the woods, was given the antibiotics and that ended up destroying the enamel on my teeth so had to get 15000 veneers a few years ago to correct problem but anyway took the meds and told i was completely fine, i really feel that i have something wrong with me brain wise due to the lyme, i dunno if its just in my head or really something wrong i felt this way for years does any one have any suggestions on a test i could have done or what i should do or any information on if something could really be wrong please let me know thank you!”

ncyim on Apr 13, 2011 at 19:18:16

“My Lyme brain has been greatly helped by using a Rife Machine; and, now I'm using supplements to treat HPU/KPU with great success. Also, getting crainosacral therapy to help with the inner tension that Lyme and HPU can cause. There are dietary considerations that are rarely discussed by Lyme Docs - Gluten Free, Casein Free, Sugar Free (I don't eat fruit or the flavor sweet) very low carb.... Definitely find a Lyme Literate MD.”

Rico716 on Apr 13, 2011 at 18:24:03

“Find a lyme specialist. There is a doc in Fond Du Lac Wisconsin that knows a lot about lyme disease. You could still have the disease. There are at least 4 different lyme tests that need to be run to make sure you don't have it still. It can affect many body systems, brain included. If you need the name of the doctor let me know but I sure you can find him online. He could at least give you the name of the lab that can run the ultimate lyme panel.”