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Mark Carney: Bank Of England Will Stop Housing Market Hitting 'Warp Speed'

Mark Carney: Bank Of England Will Stop Housing Market Hitting 'Warp Speed'

Commented Dec 10, 2013 at 09:52:04 in UK Politics

““We Won't Let The Housing Market Hit Warp Speed”
We intend to throttle the bubble back immediately after it bursts, pull over and use the hard shoulder to cry on?

“The Bank [has] a broad range of additional tools.”
Admittedly all on high salaries, and engaged in devising recovery strategies based on adjuncts to economies rather than core components?

“Carney did not rule out increasing interest rates "soon" but warned it”
could result in purchasers, who struggled to get on the housing ladder in the first place, being unceremoniously precipitated into insolvency. However this will establish ideal conditions, for an acquisition of those vacated dwellings by speculative venture capitalists. As has recently been seen emerging as a burgeoning business model, in the US.

“UK economic recovery remains patchy.”
Something George’s quilt of many contrary claims is apparently unable to cover.

“house prices shot up 7.7% across the year.”
Add that to an ‘un-seasonal’ increase in customer spending for the time of year, plus a little something Santa has been requested to contribute, and the scene is set for a full-blown recovery.

“governor recently told MPs that he did not have the power”
Another victim of the big six?

“push up house prices and destabilize the market.”
If the EU retain the ruling hand in regard to new arrivals looking for a roof over their heads, sabotaging the system with a scorched mortgage policy may be worth trying.”

Nanpo on Dec 11, 2013 at 14:33:16

“yep we need a government which will redirect the economy do that we are producing things other countries want.”

Nanpo on Dec 11, 2013 at 14:30:30

“Yes disastrous. The answer is easy. We need a government which will redirect the economy to produce things other countries want. Now we are all hostage to a precarious economic landing.”
NSA Spying Has Tech Companies Worried About Their Most Precious Thing

NSA Spying Has Tech Companies Worried About Their Most Precious Thing

Commented Dec 10, 2013 at 06:52:26 in Technology

““The Real Reason Companies Are Mad At The NSA”
is that they mistakenly thought they were supporting NASA? Now they’ve discovered all that data wasn’t destined for the creation of a brave new world. It was to reinstate a failed thirteenth century ideology reminiscent of the Inquisition.

“Big technology companies are seeing signs that the public's worries about government spying are a threat to their future profits.”
Are they worries, or are they merely manifestations of democratic leanings otherwise frustrated by corrupted governance? Since if unable to exert any influence upon policies by the proper route, adopting other forms of optional disengagement are perhaps the only logical alternative.

“the National Security Agency's methods, which reportedly include obtaining data from big tech companies,”
constitute a game of pass the poisoned chalice. There is no concern on the part of establishments, that populations might abandon use of a compromised system. Indeed, that would fit their control plan precisely. In addition, having been exposed in their complicity what would induce the greater public to again trust the integrity of these purveyors? More likely is that technology will devise its own counter measure, to frustrate this spying scheme. Just as Bitcoin is impacting on currency transfer gate keeping.

“to ask the U.S. government to "take the lead"
is to presume they have ideas. If they had ideas, they’d see that challenging irrational notions and promoting rational concepts was a way forward. Not disruption of all ideas at any cost.”
Your Living Standards Are Going Back To Those Of Victorian Times

Your Living Standards Are Going Back To Those Of Victorian Times

Commented Dec 9, 2013 at 09:04:33 in UK

““Living Standards 'Falling Back To The Victorian Ages”
Opinions differ, on whether her majesty’s amused. Sadly this time ‘round its unlikely to be as entertaining as a Disney live action/cartoon interpretation.

“British workers are”
expected to purchase us out of recession, with all those tax contributions they have been able to avoid paying though a use of avoidance schemes. Surely this particular economic strategy ought to start with the words: ‘Once upon a time…’ By those other brothers’ grim.

"Raising the Benchmark"
sounded a lot better than ‘Joining the Bismarck‘.

“since reliable records began in the mid-19th century”
politicians have fought a continuous battle for the power to redact them. Recent successes seem to indicate they’re finally winning. If only they could redact food banks and a resurgence of rickets, the rendition they choose to call reality has a chance of rivalling the real thing. Some say that reality must acknowledge and incorporate all that there is. Since any expedient ‘reality’ that does not, is unworthy of the name.

“Britain has a low pay problem”
in that its isn’t yet low enough? Maybe an influx of additional unemployed competing for the same zero hours non-jobs, could depress it further.

"Our welfare reforms are designed to further increase work incentives.”
The problem concomitant with returning to the laws of the jungle, is that it’ll necessitate all the laws of civilisation being suspended as well to keep the system in synch.”

againstitall on Dec 9, 2013 at 13:43:12

“You only have to wait until January”
NSA Staffers Feeling Neglected By Obama, Would Very Much Like Him To Stop By

NSA Staffers Feeling Neglected By Obama, Would Very Much Like Him To Stop By

Commented Dec 9, 2013 at 06:33:14 in Politics

““The NSA's Feelings Are Hurt”
We never call. We never e-mail. We never Skype. Well, not as much as we used to before discovering the extent of their voyeuristic excess.

“Staffers at the National Security Agency feel overlooked by the White House”
Sadly, the reverse cannot also be said to be true. If power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. What does corruption of power to the point where the corruptness of power becomes transparent, result in?

“morale is down across the board,”
while ‘intelligence’ is conspicuous by its absence. We could combat erroneous ideology by deployment of a similarly suspect comprehension. But why not cut to the chase, and merely question all such suppositions out of existence?

“They feel they’ve been hung out to dry, and they’re right.”
Seems all the promised pay-off consisted of, was discovering that they themselves were the Machiavellian virgins all along?

“the most important sources of intelligence today”
come from enquiries that don’t produce credible responses. Since that’s how we really discover who the dupes are. The inclination to blindly follow orders is the reason one preposterous edifice exists. Building a tower of babble next door, isn’t going to cause either to cease or desist.

“the most important elements of the national security apparatus,”
brains, are being conditioned to think as directed. The foe, on the other hand, relies on exactly the same technique. Break that closed credulous circle, and the problem resolves itself for free.”

PollyTics on Dec 9, 2013 at 07:49:27

“Please note that the people whom HuffPo is citing in this article are ALL "big time" heads of huge departments for the BUSH CHENEY administration. Don
t you think they have reason enough to make the Democratic President look bad?”
Free School Meals Row Erupts, Nick Clegg's Team Says Michael Gove's Department Is 'Talking Bollocks'

Free School Meals Row Erupts, Nick Clegg's Team Says Michael Gove's Department Is 'Talking Bollocks'

Commented Dec 5, 2013 at 09:57:20 in UK Politics

““Liberal Democrats have accused Michael Gove's department of ”
the unspeakable? When rote rules supreme, there won’t be a room in the realm where that sort of talk will be permitted.

“Clegg's flagship promise of free school meals for every five to seven year-old”
could still materialise. If branches of government funded Sheffield bank open in every school, students can take out loans to stave off hunger pangs.

“extra £150 million for schools to help them get their kitchens and dining rooms up to scratch”
with Bessemer Converters, to roast toast and smelt rissoles?

“Clegg and Gove don't seem to get on”
Last seen in the playground, surrounded by youngsters chorusing ‘ideological incompatibility! ideological incompatibility! ideological incompatibility!’

“free school meals plan has also not gone down well in Clegg's own party”
Portions of free lumpy gravy were far too generous?

"squandering money"
on purchasing votes. When anyone who’s anyone in the City knows, they’re practically worthless.

“Told that departmental sources were insistent that the £80m did not exist,”
the reply was that insolvency has never been an excuse for the EU not to spend, spend, spend?

“government was "making the sums add up" to”
better fit education policy, in regard to other subjects such as History and RE?

“free meals would be "a great, great way of actually helping” children”
avoid bullying? Who’s going to victimise someone, engaged in a game of thrones?”
Extremism Crackdown 'Stigmatises Muslims'

Extremism Crackdown 'Stigmatises Muslims'

Commented Dec 5, 2013 at 09:44:16 in UK

““Ministers want to hand out asbos to dangerous radicals,”
so they can serve them on a supernatural superior?

“Muslim chaplains to challenge extremists at university campuses”
Three prayers or a confession, signifying the winner.

“filter internet content”
We’re hamstrung by the rote being force-fed in schools. Train future generations to question for themselves, and they’ll clean up all this claptrap for us. Discourage them from questioning, and breeding grounds for the gullible will have been generated.

“drawing up powers to outlaw hate preachers like Anjem Choudary”
surely furnishes such elements with credibility. Since it shows that the establishment has no cogent counter arguments of its own to offer. If its ideology wasn’t as full of holes as those alternatives being proposed, open debate would suffice.

“The Extremism Task Force was set up”
to suppress radicalisation powered by suppression of disquiet surrounding various state policies? Wouldn’t it make more sense to examine the legitimacy of those acts? Rather than attempt to screw down a hissing safety valve, and trust the pressure vessel containing society holds?

“a "fine line" between controlling online material and a heavy-handed assault on civil liberty”
Much like the drone syndrome tends to alienate hearts and minds. Involve enough innocents and pretty soon they may start to side with the radicals. Unite and rebel being the antithesis of divide and rule.

“government was working with leading internet companies to restrict terrorist material online and”
redact policies once promoted as divinely inspired?”
Awesome Physics Teacher Dan Burns Explains Gravity In A Way Anyone Can Understand (VIDEO)

Awesome Physics Teacher Dan Burns Explains Gravity In A Way Anyone Can Understand (VIDEO)

Commented Dec 5, 2013 at 06:55:29 in Science

““our understanding of the universe”
appears to function by rule of inverse law. In that the more that’s uncovered, the greater the discrepancy between model and the observable. For example, the difference between the calculated contents of the universe and what’s detectable, is of a magnitude of error that in itself appears astronomical. If humanity cannot better organise its thoughts, to the extent of addressing the nature of its own fragile mortality. Particularly in relation to those elements ranged against it. Then the chances of it existing for long enough to ultimately work everything out, are highly compromised.

“matter bends space”
Utilising three dimensions, length, width, and depth, its possible to demonstrate two dimensions being warped into a third. But space is three dimensional. Therefore a warp would appear to require and transit into, a further fourth dimension. If this cannot be replicated in practical apparatus terms, couldn’t a computerised virtual manifestation be devised? That medium is potentially free of those constrains imposed by the reality in which it exists. Thus whatever can be imagined, might be made to appear and function as ordered.

“Class is in session”
If conceivable that ideas may be modulated by the nature of the understanding in which they are formulated, artificial and contrived limits on them might be mitigated. If not a real effect, all discoveries that seem to come out of nowhere would be everyday and obvious to all. Rather, its seeing what all see but thinking what none think.”

AbstractImp on Dec 5, 2013 at 07:54:50

“Nice stuff, thanks.”
Alan Rusbridger, Guardian Editor, Asked: 'Do You Love This Country?' (VIDEO)

Alan Rusbridger, Guardian Editor, Asked: 'Do You Love This Country?' (VIDEO)

Commented Dec 4, 2013 at 08:56:53 in UK Politics

““Do You Love This Country?”
Be so kind as to define ‘love’ and ‘country'. Since if personally unaware of their precise definitions, what occasions you to believe anyone else does?

“called to give evidence to MPs”
Who appear to be deeply discombobulated over secret information released by the media. Yet totally unconcerned, in regard to how many people already have access to that information. Isn’t that akin to obsessing, about just one of the thousands of holes in a sieve?

“revealing the activities of the British and American intelligence agencies”
in relation to clandestine spying on supposed allies, political adversaries, intellectual property, and the population in general. Bad? Covert clandestine spying on supposed allies, political adversaries, intellectual property, and the population in general. Good?

“editor insisted he was a 'patriot'. “
Thus quite possible he could be called back, to explain that more fully. Is he loyal to a tract of land and a flag? Or the right of humanity to protect, and be protected by, the true tenets of democracy.

“Al Qaida and other terrorist groups have been "rubbing their hands with glee"
Seems like stating the obvious, but why not round-up all those seen ‘rubbing their hands with glee’? Or alternatively use some of that alleged ‘intelligence’, to challenge both our own and the enemy’s homespun renditions of reality?

“if the president of the United States calls a review”
a dime has dropped, with the realisation that they’ve gone rogue.”

kweendance on Dec 5, 2013 at 09:39:00

“Well if you are a Guardian reader make that hundreds, the rest are looking for jobs in the media or local government.

I need to know what is in the drinking water, why I am subjected to GM crops and edicts from Brussels and Strasbourg, while an army of MEP trundle from one country to another ordering me how to live my life and what and who to like while spending billions of unaudited money.

I do not need to know where the spies are. This country never did, which is why we still retain a modicum of freedom, but not the freedom to rid ourselves of terrorists,

I have no gratitude to the Guardian, in fact I am furious with them.”
Facebook And Twitter Users Warned Over Contempt Of Court

Facebook And Twitter Users Warned Over Contempt Of Court

Commented Dec 4, 2013 at 08:49:39 in UK

““Facebook and Twitter users are to be warned not to prejudice criminal cases before trials begin.”
Unless courts can guarantee 100% of their judgements are correct, is the establishment not prejudicing criminal cases by their failure to address that shortcoming? In which case, finding others in contempt for a practice they too are involved in seems somewhat contrary to the ethos of justice.

“in future issue previously unpublished advisory notes”
In keeping with not being made aware of something, yet still somehow being expected to know it. (Ignorance of the law being no excuse). The means by which juries can elicit responses vital for their evaluation of innocence/guilt, when prevented from so doing, will now presumably be explained?

“to make sure that fair trials take place.”
Why not offer voluntary MRi interrogation to those involved? The mere possibility of being subjected to a process likely to instantly resolve a matter, would probably prompt an epiphany if not a full-blown confession. In addition to cutting court costs to the bone.

"In days gone by”
we had primitive trial by ordeal, and the like. Then along came fingerprints, DNA and so on. Is MRi going to prove a means for removing some of those last, convenient for some pleaders, vestiges of doubt too far?

“make sure that cases are tried on the evidence, not what people have found online.”
Even if what people have found online, happens to be evidence that was for some reason not brought up in court?”
Nick Clegg Brings £1.25bn Business Bank To His Sheffield Constituency

Nick Clegg Brings £1.25bn Business Bank To His Sheffield Constituency

Commented Dec 3, 2013 at 09:53:33 in UK Politics

““£1.25bn Bank”
Question: How do you get a small local bank in the Midlands? Answer: Start with a large government funded one, and watch what happens.

“a new government "business bank" is set for his home city of Sheffield”
Given that this, just like HS2, will cost a lot of money, not appear for quite a while, and only serve a small percentage of the population. Why not authorise Bank of Dave (no relation) facilities, in every location that wants them? These could be operational in no time, self-financing, and provide invaluable assistance to borrowers, savers, chartable institutions and communities. Plus it’ll take more than the re-election of one politician from a party, to endow unrepresentative levels of power to that group.

“after clearing EU regulations on state aid,”
assuming that’s possible. Making a loan application to the EU, for funds to support an anticipated influx, must come next. Because by then small concerns offering zero hours jobs and temporary accommodation on credit, to get newcomers over their three month wait, will be a booming cottage industry.

“critics have suggested”
that all MPs should have the option of opening such state funded enterprises in their constituencies? Otherwise it might appear unfair, in terms of what they can offer an electorate.

"There is some point scoring going on.”
Offers of an official announcement on non-stop high speed trains, requesting that passengers wave to locals as they hurtle through, have been dismissed out of hand?”
Faith Schools Select Fewer Poor Pupils Than Secular Ones, Study Finds

Faith Schools Select Fewer Poor Pupils Than Secular Ones, Study Finds

Commented Dec 3, 2013 at 09:50:39 in UK

““'Hypocrisy' Of Faith Schools”
is only possible if aided and abetted by government. An authority which promotes unquestioning rote as education, is synonymous with authorities promoting an uncritical approach to theology. Since both depend on no one pointing out ever more obvious contradictions. Until they become caricatures, of their own collection of conflicting claims.

“research shows the "hypocrisy" that faith schools serve as a fair reflection of communities.”
Unfortunately, research is an anathema to the principle preserved by such institutions. In that the nature of demonstrable reality matters not, in the context of the rendition being revered. Ditto rote.

"The data poses some very awkward questions for the state funded faith school sector.”
Except that it is not in the nature of governance guided by rote, to answer questions of any kind. Since it does not consider itself responsible, for any and all discrepancies between what’s asserted and what’s actual.

“education has done nothing to break down the “parallel lives”
of politics and people. Which given the levels of institutionalised delusion prevailing, is hardly surprising. The best that can be expected of these findings, is that they be redacted as soon as possible. That way they might just as well have never existed.

"Church schools are a central part of our mission to serve the common good"
But what is ’common good‘? Is it dissemination of a narrative unable to withstand examination? Because ‘truth’, when taught correctly, is a contradiction in terms to that.”
Meet Patrick Soon-Shiong, The LA Billionaire Reinventing Your Health Care

Meet Patrick Soon-Shiong, The LA Billionaire Reinventing Your Health Care

Commented Dec 3, 2013 at 06:47:04 in Politics

““The question is whether his approach is practical, or even possible.”
The question is, when a fully functional feature in the future, will descendants look back and wonder what current reluctance was all about? Handing-off tasks to mechanisms more adept and conscientious than humans, is the story of progress itself.

“With Washington distracted by the insurance issue”
surveillance, and financial manipulation, there’s a recurring theme. It’s investment of unproductive effort into preserving continuation of transient eras. Its always been done this way, throughout living memory. Ergo, no matter what the potential magnitude of improvement possible, ‘old ways’ must be perpetuated indefinitely. Could it be that rate of change has reached a velocity, which impacts on generational life spans to the extent that its intolerable? Minds can’t adapt fast enough to facilitate accommodation.

“Obama grapples with health care from”
a position of weakness. When simply proposing a plebiscite could provide the power necessary, or adequate leverage merely though that threat.

“a supercomputing facility in Arizona for rapidly sequencing entire human genomes”
misses the optimal by ignoring Iceland. A place where abundant cheap geothermal power and a climate ideal for heat-sinking, epitomise the requirements for ultra-computing facilities.

“patterns, in science and life.”
The species that interacts efficiently together, stays around forever?

“Looks like you’re trying to boil the ocean here.”
Or prevent our kind from boiling them, maybe…

“in the hot field of machine vision,”
extending senses to the limits of that spectrum, is vital.”

schatsie on Dec 3, 2013 at 07:58:02

“I think you need to keep this in Perspective.....Germany whose autoworkers are earning $50 per hour, have excellent healthcare AND PENSIONs and 5 weeks of vacation and a week in a spa every year have had socialized healthcare since 1880 when Bismark came to power and when that king built the first Disney Castle.......”
Cameron And Clegg Vow Energy Bills Cut

Cameron And Clegg Vow Energy Bills Cut

Commented Dec 2, 2013 at 08:48:04 in UK

““PM And Clegg Vow Energy Bills Cut”
But will this merely be a short-term inducement, to purchase a vote for more of the same austerity. Or as a consequence of there being no energy? Due to I’m alright Jack swapping the last few billions for some HS2 non-stop magic beans.

“Ed Miliband promised to freeze prices for 20 months,”
and offer customers a money-back-on-their-bill guarantee? If they could have purchased their brand-label energy cheaper some place else?

“the worst of all worlds”
Is that the narrative where alien politicians living on another planet, declare war on the people of Earth? If so surrounding the Westminster mother ship and collectively breathing our cold-germs on them, might save us.

“EDF said its "decision to hold back the full impact of rising costs" earlier this month”
has nothing whatever to do an increasing clamour for essential utilities to be renationalised?

"Following this news, EDF Energy expects to”
hear the government has revoked all customer contracts taken out with other companies, in the climate of non-transparency in regard to price increases?

“the U-turns have started”
early for 2014. Perhaps that’s because there would be too many to fit in otherwise.

"On energy, the test”
is are these remedial solutions or band aids? The answer is, stay away from this and any other type of shower.

“UK is doing better than those two countries at the moment”
In economies kept afloat by QE, beware of circling great white hopes.”
Kiev Protests Draw Over 300,000 People To March Against Regime

Kiev Protests Draw Over 300,000 People To March Against Regime

Commented Dec 2, 2013 at 06:17:40 in World

Shouldn’t someone invent referendums. Then the majority might peacefully express their right to hold sway, without need to resort to might to violently manifest it.

“their government's decision to freeze integration with the West”
could relate to a desire to avoid the population freezing. Should their sole supplier of energy resort to that form of coercion to get its way. Unless the EU can make good that shortfall, they’re not really in the best position to assume guardianship at this stage.

“refusal to sign a political and economic agreement with the European Union”
until it enshrines provision for regular plebiscites able to facilitate withdrawal, is probably a wise move. Since seeking serfdom under one form of authoritarianism as a replacement to serfdom under another, seems a curious course to steer. Could it be they haven’t realised their voice is as inaudible to the existing type of remote governance as it would be to the other.

“A few hundred of them, wearing masks, threw rocks and other objects at police and attempted to break through the police lines “
‘Twould seem that efforts to replicate the scenes currently being seen though not well publicised in many EU member states, are well advanced. The difference being that those concern countries who are already in, protesting to get out.

“opposition leaders demanded that Yanukovych and his government resign.”
Suppression of the people is everywhere. Only leaders’ names change.”
Britain Would Pay A 'Severe Price' For EU Exit, Sir John Major Warns

Britain Would Pay A 'Severe Price' For EU Exit, Sir John Major Warns

Commented Nov 29, 2013 at 10:41:45 in UK Politics

““Britain will pay a "severe price" if it votes to leave the European Union”
Will it be as great a price as surrendering any remaining semblance of democracy, in order to ensure no more plebiscites ever take place? If so, ‘twould seem WW3 came and went without so much as a whimper.

“Exit could cost billions”
Fortunately, we a quantitative easing fiat currency printing press app for that.

“would leave the UK isolated”
Err…Its an island, set in a silver sea. Distant from yet another collapsing corrupt European empire. When is someone going to connect absence of a proper accounting structure with the overreaching of budgetary restrictions? Opening second fronts or additional lines of unsecured credit, never ends well.

“David Cameron's strategy of renegotiating Britain's membership”
is unlikely to ever get beyond a chorus of ‘No’s in a variety of languages. That’s why he doesn’t dare try that experiment.

"Of course, we would survive, but there would”
always be that little tinge of regret. That if only we’d stayed we could have been another Greece?

“makes no sense at all”
to hitch a ride on a suicide mission. The objective is to reason out where their reasoning went awry, and do better.

“Britain would have”
an ideal opportunity to approach other nations, and forge an association that makes the EU look primitive. But that’ll take statespersons with an ability to think outside the block.

“underwrite Scottish debts”
with EU blank cheques?”
Boris Johnson Wants To Bring Back The Boom Of Thatcher's Eighties

Boris Johnson Wants To Bring Back The Boom Of Thatcher's Eighties

Commented Nov 28, 2013 at 09:23:54 in UK

““Boris Johnson Says Greed Is Good For Economy”
But does he also believe revolution’s repugnant?

“The mayor said his approach would be "the same" as that of the Iron Lady,”
as well as French and Russian aristocracy? So as history shows, it should all work out amicably for those concerned.

“a strategy for tackling the myriad problems facing modern Britain”
Invade Argentina Turner?

“Johnson also offered words of optimism”
How bad is it, really? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

"I don't imagine”
"I don't believe “
I have a dream(life). So don’t live the nightmare.

“I also hope that there is no return to that spirit of Loadsamoney heartlessness”
Your wish is granted, Boris. Since its impossible to return to that which has yet to be left behind.

“many of whom have experienced real falls in their incomes over the last five years.”
Seems even QE printing presses can’t keep pace with insatiable avarice.

“acts of prodigious philanthropy”
are to greed, as reality is to politician’s renditions of reality?

“Johnson criticised the BBC for their coverage of Thatcher's funeral”
Though incongruously not the little matter of victims being constrained, against their will, to contribute towards it?

"What would she do about tax and spending?“
Send a raiding party to Scotland, to confiscate their remaining resources?

“she would cut the cost of government wherever she could”
by privatising all policy decision making?

“it would be wrong to persecute the rich”
for pursuing upward wealth transfer (greed)?”
Here's The Video To Share With Anybody Who Still Buys Into 9/11 Truther Stuff

Here's The Video To Share With Anybody Who Still Buys Into 9/11 Truther Stuff

Commented Nov 28, 2013 at 06:40:00 in Politics

““the coup de grace”
When the establishment stops asking ‘Have we ever lied to you?’ it may be an indication everyone knows the answer. But to be safe. Until those in power voluntarily submit to independent MRi interrogation, take everything they utter with an eighteen wheeler full of sodium chloride.

“Tuskin asked Chomsky what he had to say about Building 7”
Was the response similar to that relating to retired high ranking military personnel, who report ICBM sites being shut down by anomalous aerial phenomena? In that we appear to have, in the latter case, either evidence of other worldly/universe/time visitation. Or else one group of psychotics, placing a second group of psychotics in charge of devices capable of vaporising all. Whilst in the former case, either deliberate destruction of a city centre construct. Or else sudden structural failure, of a magnitude that in engineering terms desperately demands to be fully understood.

“If scientists had strong evidence to support 9/11 conspiracy theories, he said, they would have presented their discoveries to other architects and engineers”
In the same way economists would have pointed out, that their comprehension of scientific principles indicated imminent collapse of the financial system? An example of whistleblowing, for which they would undoubtedly be handsomely rewarded and highly lauded. If not tracked down and renditioned.

“it doesn't work like that “
Finally. Acknowledgement of the flaws in the scientific method itself?

“they're not total lunatics”
Yet trusted Bush with the button?”

MrComments on Nov 28, 2013 at 08:49:34


Science. Logic. Evidence. On video. Oh, Truther's never showed you this?”

AshleyLowe on Nov 28, 2013 at 06:58:18

“My question is WHY does our society place so much emphasis on science being a constant validity, when in fact science is mainly about discovery, trial, error, and disprovement of previously known facts?

Noam Chomsky is basically saying, if 9/11's Building 7 went down the way Truthers think it did, then a bunch of engineers and scientists would have went and wrote a bunch of research papers on it, thus because they didn't, the Truther position is null and void? His statement holds no merit, and he of all people should know that, as you cannot disprove a statement by simply saying "if this, then that", WITHOUT holding all of the variables first.

Also Chomsky is doing the age-old diminishing of the Truther position by emphasizing a duality of, it wasnt the Saudi's because they are a US ally, thus they'd be crazy to blame then. The duality Chomsky is trying to push states that "if the US was crazy they'd blame the Saudi's for 9/11, and since they aren't crazy, it wasn't the Saudi's." What kind of weak argument is that? Try again Chomsky.”
Andrew Mitchell: 'I Was Spat At In The Street'

Andrew Mitchell: 'I Was Spat At In The Street'

Commented Nov 27, 2013 at 09:04:22 in UK Politics

““Tory Whip Was Spat At In The Streets”
An opportunity was always there to spit back an offer of availability for voluntary MRi interrogation. With addition of the obvious inference that, the side which knows its not going to be exonerated isn’t going to offer itself up or willingly submit to that process. Plus demonstration of a desire to save a not insignificant amount of public money, time, and effort, could have been a vote winner in itself.

“The former Tory chief whip angrily repeated his denial of the claim made by a officer guarding the gates of Downing Street. “
Given that use of a covert recording device was deemed justified in the interests of obtaining justice. Shouldn’t all citizens and officials be encouraged to equip themselves with and deploy similar apparatus, in future? As this would aid accurate adjudication, in all matters relating to differences of opinion. In regard to what has actually been said at an earlier stage in proceedings.

“the image of a Conservative Party out of touch with ordinary voters”
is likely to be countered/reinforced, by the redaction of remarks submitted to accessible record on the interweb? Answers best committed to rewrite-able media only, please.

“Mitchell said he was speaking out not for himself and his family but "on behalf of others who may not have been able to fight back against police misconduct"
If unworthy of trust, as asserted. What should that tell the electorate about falling crime figures?”
David Cameron's Immigration Crackdown Is 'Soggy Spaghetti' Says Nigel Farage

David Cameron's Immigration Crackdown Is 'Soggy Spaghetti' Says Nigel Farage

Commented Nov 27, 2013 at 08:58:49 in UK

at the last chance café? Pull up a chair Dave, and plug yourself in.

“Nick Clegg has backed the pledge to stop new arrivals from the EU getting out-of-work benefits for three months.”
If only he’d been first officer on the Titanic. A suggestion that those in the lifeboats should get into the water, to make room for other panicking passengers, would probably have gone down just as well.

“Andort said it could lead to a "slippery slope" where each country tries to manipulate the rules for its own advantage.”
As long as it doesn’t lead to the currently withheld EU referendum for the British, Brussels has nothing to fear. Apart from the prospect of a wind 'terrible' at Christmas, or soon thereafter.

“Some Tory MPs are increasingly worried about the end of visa restrictions on Romanian and Bulgarian nationals from January.”
Correction: All Tory MPs are increasingly worried about their prospects for re-election. Since nothing else matters. As demonstrated by the placement of HS2 high speed fail, before urgent transfusions of renewable energy lifeblood for the nation.

“Cameron also demanded wider EU reforms for the future.”
Since those he’s tightly laced into, offer very little room for u-turns?

"We are changing the rules so that no”
means yes, down means up, and democracy means nothing?

“They will only be able to claim “
until the system collapses?

“If we don't get to grips with these issues”
let’s try redacting all mention of them?”
Pope Francis 'Evangelii Gaudium' Calls For Renewal Of Roman Catholic Church, Attacks 'Idolatry Of Money'

Pope Francis 'Evangelii Gaudium' Calls For Renewal Of Roman Catholic Church, Attacks 'Idolatry Of Money'

Commented Nov 27, 2013 at 06:49:58 in Religion

““Unfettered Capitalism: 'A New Tyranny' ”
Not ‘democracy’ that isn’t really democracy then? Because given this is a matter of a minority with most ruling over a majority with least, you’d think the latter could mandate that situation away. Provided that ideology’s tenet of mass will had any actual validity.

“urging global leaders to fight poverty and growing inequality”
He might well have intoned: Look to your poor and huddled masses, for divine guidance in regard to what you must do…

“the "idolatry of money"
usually ends in the destruction and/or a sharp blow to the temple. Which will hopefully knock some sense in.

"Just as the commandment 'Thou shalt not kill' sets a clear limit in order to safeguard the value of human life.”
The dog eat dogma 'Thou shalt not submit to majority decrees delivered by the people’, ensured the demise of democracy.

"How can it be that it is not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock market loses 2 points?"
Because such points aren’t being taken?

“entrenched hierarchy "also need to hear the call to pastoral conversion".
Why not put out to pasture, high priests of any belief system that commits to a life of self-service?

“a Church”
is its people, just as a country is. If either can do what ever it does without them, please show us how and right now.

“male-only priesthood”
is unsustainable?”
Best Objection To The Iran Deal? 'God Wouldn't Like It' (VIDEO)

Best Objection To The Iran Deal? 'God Wouldn't Like It' (VIDEO)

Commented Nov 26, 2013 at 09:17:52 in UK

““Best Objection To The Deal? 'God Wouldn't Like It'”
Best Challenge To This Assertion: If she didn’t, what would prevent her from stopping it?

“an historic deal with Iran to limit the country’s nuclear program in exchange for a loosening of the crippling sanctions,” 
would offer no comfort against the imposition of another seven plagues.

“it’s a ruse by Iranian President Rouhani”
on the scale of surreptitiously speaking about peace, whilst still banging up settlements like they’re going out of style.

“Benjamin Netanyahu said that”
no one in their right mind should ever trust what a statesman says? That’s why squeezing them with sanctions, and berating them with boycotts, is the only way to get a drop of human concern out of their dried up husks.

“We, as a Christian nation, ought to stand with Israel because God”
has had the hump with them since that business with his boy? Either he wasn’t who he claimed to be, in which case we can’t be Christians. Or he was, and we should show some true Christian charity to all those who don‘t have any of their own. Due to badly draw-up ideology.

“The floss-haired believer explained that anyone who”
sets themselves up as a false prophet, (no producible credentials), is subjecting said institution to ridicule. Surely a radio station that works for a divine entity, shouldn’t experience any inaccuracies in its weather forecasting.”
Alex Salmond Promises Scotland Will Keep Pound, The Queen, Dr Who

Alex Salmond Promises Scotland Will Keep Pound, The Queen, Dr Who

Commented Nov 26, 2013 at 09:14:07 in UK Politics

““ 'An Independent Scotland Will Keep The Pound, The Queen And Dr Who' ”
Fortuitously those south of the border have the technology to produce convincing reproductions of all three, in practically any quantity desired.

“the Scottish First Minister was accused of "ducking the big questions"
Mostly, by other politicians. If they’re saying that such displays of confidence can’t be trusted by the people, isn’t there a real danger of dragging their own methodology into disrepute? Better hope Alex doesn’t find that redact-information button they’ve been in the habit of using.

“Salmond rubbished the "scare story" that Scottish people would no longer be able to watch BBC programmes,”
by suggesting that the Scots should go Dutch? They allegedly receive a good signal, with no license fee.

“The First Minister was accused of making unbacked "assertions" that Scotland would”
open up its Haggis breeding reserve to hunters? Adding these, and Labour politicians, to the endangered list.

“the proposed currency union would depend on the Westminster government's support.”
Given the current currency printing frenzy, why not issue monopoly money and have done with the pretence?

“the paper put forward arguments that were "strong and reasonable", which people can decide on in next year's referendum.”
Such as, twining it with a referendum on the EU. Since it they don’t leave, they won’t be getting one on that at all.

“the Scottish Government said Westminster has "squandered" oil revenues”
to create the illusion of a magnanimous Maggie?”
Islamist Extremist Anjem Choudary 'Not Figure Of Fun' But Serious Threat, New Report Warns

Islamist Extremist Anjem Choudary 'Not Figure Of Fun' But Serious Threat, New Report Warns

Commented Nov 26, 2013 at 09:10:47 in UK

““Choudary Is A Serious Threat”
to the status quo? Since to reduce his rationale and reasoning to dust simply requires persuading him to allow it to be questioned. As its 100% correct, that shouldn’t present any problem. Particularly as a refusal would be a glaring admission of a lack of confidence. The danger being that once one self-appointed ideological spokesperson has been debated out of credibility, what’s to prevent the same thing happen to politicians?

“Choudary claims in his defence that”
he’s more than willing to produce for public perusal, the means he used to infallibly confirm his own understanding? No? Didn‘t think so. Since that’s wagering on an intellectual hiding to nothing.

“Choudary's network of influencers has sent hundreds of British Muslim citizens to fight in war zones”
Why in heaven’s name might an all powerful omnipotent entity need a regiment of ragged foot solders to fight wars for it? Does the other side have the superior deity?

“Hasnath, who had been arrested for spray-painting burkas on adverts featuring women”
should consider changing his name to Burksy?

“jailed for 14 months last year for possessing terrorist documents.”
Those Bankster brochures for loans to small and medium business, were always going to result in some getting into serious trouble.

“70 people convicted of terrorism or terrorist-related offences in the UK, or who have died abroad over the past 14 years,”
could have wondering at some stage if they were being set up for something?”
Photons Seen Without Being Destroyed For First Time Ever

Photons Seen Without Being Destroyed For First Time Ever

Commented Nov 26, 2013 at 06:54:01 in Science

““Physics Finding Turns Dogma Upside Down”
So all that needs to happen now is for religion to unpack their experimental bag of tricks, test their conclusions, and turn Godam inside out?

“what scientists thought until now”
was not dissimilar to what priests can elect to believe? That some humans can somehow bottle certainly. Or the next best thing, keep rendition and reality separate indefinitely.

"We could build gates between photons and atoms"
Maybe even portals between universes? Via which it might be possible to view dark matter. Invisible in this cosmos because it exists in a another, with only its gravity field permeating through?

“Not "touching" the photon also means that certain quantum properties are never observed, preserving them.”
Good news for the theological. If concerned that registering the god particle might cause it to adopt the opposite state.

“In quantum mechanics that means the photon can be in both states, until it is measured and takes on a definite value.”
It would appear that the scientific and the spiritual are in danger of converging to the point of singularity. In that its more a matter of trust in belief, than being able to confirm something without voiding the premise entirely.

“Quantum computers are powerful because the bits in them, called qubits, can be both 1 and 0 at the same time”
At least we now have some notion of what lies behind the political curtain. Some mechanism able to resolve otherwise irresolvable doctrinal dualities.”

Oldsop on Nov 26, 2013 at 07:37:54

“Lastpost for President!!”

morningstar8741 on Nov 26, 2013 at 06:59:20

“What the hell are you talking about? This has nothing to do with any god anywhere.”
Amazon Warehouse Staff In 'Slave Camp' Conditions, Workers Say

Amazon Warehouse Staff In 'Slave Camp' Conditions, Workers Say

Commented Nov 25, 2013 at 09:14:33 in UK

““Amazon Staff Suffering 'Slave Camp' Conditions, Workers Say”
If we can’t stand the heat, can we opt out of Dave’s Big Soup-society Kitchen?

“with employees at their warehouses having to walk 11 miles in a shift”
electric trikes with collection baskets and ‘sat navs’ might provide a more practical and efficient solution. But with no time to think, who’s going to reason that out?

“pressure staff are put under could cause "mental and physical illness".
Fortunately, imminent collapse of the NHS from overloading should eradicate any remaining places of respite or sanctuary for such potential malingerers.

“conditions were comparable to a "slave camp".
Bridge on the River of No Return? Shouldn’t the Education Minister visit? So schools can be revamped to equip replacement employees with the expertise they’ll need for such work. Full frontal lobotomy-full bottle in front of me-baccalaureate to back a lorry out.

"There are always going to be menial jobs,”
and an almost endless supply of new arrivals willing to perform them for less?

"We are machines, we are robots”
Stand by, for the rise of the cyborgs… If the revolution is televised, will that mean it’ll endlessly repeat on Dave?

“Littler's scanner tracked his picking rate and if it was too low, he was told he could be disciplined.“
So much for cutting-edge technology. Why not a blue tooth Taser tucked in one’s trousers?

“An Amazon spokesman said:”
Welcome to a Drain Forest without Bore Constrictors?”
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