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Obama's 'Naïve' Ideas Always Prove To Be Brilliant

Commented Sep 11, 2008 at 12:19:19 in Home

“This is the kind of leader we want calling the shots. Someone with the foresight to see the road we need to take before its too late, too costly, or too much has been lost. Meanwhile, McCain and Palin would prefer we charge ahead, pushing our way toward some seemingly popular goal and when it doesn't work out the way they had hoped, rationalizing that it must have been "God's will." That type of leadership is the way of bullies and losers. Taking a chance on Obama is placing a bet for a better America, finally.”
huffingtonpost entry

Here Comes The Sun

Commented Jun 12, 2008 at 13:19:57 in Home

“I hope Obama can actually capitalize on these differences. Now, more than ever, he needs to show that he is not just a great speaker delivering fluffy rhetoric. The "yes we cans" and "hope floats" feel-goods need to take second stage to actual substantive positions. Even though McCain represents many of the same policies we've endured over the last eight years -- he is not Bush. Bush-hating Republicans, Independents, and Hillary hard-cores will turn to McCain if Obama does not swiftly eliminate the fears about his inexperience and youth and prove that he can be just as strong, decisive, and fiercely protective of our country as his new opponent.”
To Breathe Again The Air Of Inevitability

To Breathe Again The Air Of Inevitability

Commented May 5, 2008 at 15:55:07 in Home

“Obama needs to start acting like the President. It will be interesting to see how the numbers play out tomorrow, but by all accounts he is still going to be in the lead in both popular votes and pledged delegates. He needs to reclaim the confidence and enthusiasm that he had leaving Iowa and assume the attitude that he is the party nomination. Maybe the supers will follow suit, put an end to this devisive madness and turn the party's attention to the real race -- remember, the one against McCain? Until then, Hillary's gamesmanship, especially in the press, will be hard to beat.”
Battling On... To The Bitter End

Battling On... To The Bitter End

Commented Apr 25, 2008 at 15:22:56 in Home

“Its not Hillary's fault. Until the party leaders step up and pick a side, who can blame her for holding on? Clearly, she has a strong and broad base of support. Meanwhile, the republicans are eating all of this up, watching in slow motion as the democrats make war with each other instead of rallying together to defeat their real opposition. Isn't this the fundamental job of the party leaders -- unite the party, rally the party, make the party stronger? Its clear that Obama will be nearly impossible to beat as far as pledged delegates and popular vote. If the party leaders wanted to put an end to this they could. Its time for the big dogs to throw their support behind Obama and allow Hillary to graciously step down because she has no choice, the votes have been cast. This needs to happen while there is still time to lick wounds and sing koombya. Otherwise, the only one coasting will be McCain as George W. tosses him the keys.”

hp blogger M.S. Bellows, Jr. on Apr 25, 2008 at 16:56:35

“It IS her fault! Entirely her fault. She has zero chance of winning the race for elected delegates, and therefore almost no chance of winning enough Supers to put her over the top. If she were interested in the party, or the country, she'd not only stop trying to kneecap him, but would bow and start working hard to undo the damage she's done to his standing with crossover white and bluecollar voters.

But if Obama beats McCain, then he'll be the incumbent in 2012 and Clinton won't have another shot until 2016, when she'll be 68 years old (just 3 years younger than the "old" McCain is now).

So her last chance of becoming President is in 2012, and then only if Obama lost to McCain this year. If that were her plan, then she'd be extending her campaign, not to win in 2008, but to lay the grassroots groundwork in 2012. She'd be campaigning negatively, using Republican talking points. She'd have her staff send photos of Obama in Somali clothing to Matt Drudge. She'd behave exactly as she's behaving now.

The Supers need to recognize this -- can they really be so naive that they don't see it? -- and put an end to it by announcing their endorsements now.”