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Silent Spring, BPA and Toxic Health Scares: Let Science Drive Regulation, Not Fear

Commented Apr 10, 2012 at 00:39:39 in Politics

“Jon is correct. As a regulatory scientist I know that not one regulator in the world has concerns about trace levels of BPA in human food. Indeed exactly the opposite. Some of the alternatives are far more scary if only for the lack of data to support their safety. The safety data on BPA would fill a very large double garage from floor to ceiling, that on some alternatives would not fill a brief case. If the extensive data available is not sufficient to support the safety of BPA then it is no longer possible to demonstrate the safety of any substance - natural or synthetic. There are very real consequences to excessive and phobic reactions to chemical exposures, not just consequences of cost but also of safety. BPA is very effective at producing safe robust containers and container linings that prevent leaching of metal ions into food and contamination of food by micro-organisms - real risks that can produce real injury.

In the end it is all moot however as manufacturers will respond to market pressure and replace BPA with other materials with consequences that may not become apparent for many years.”