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Stop Tearing the Heart Out of L.A.

Commented Jul 15, 2009 at 13:45:42 in Politics

“Excellent piece.

The 'drug war' is a major culprit, despite paltry steps taken by Obama's "Drug Czar" - deciding 'drug war' won't be used, while his boss sends billions to brutal and corrupt Latin American security forces, knee-deep in drug trafficking.

Eonomic opportunities needed in Latin America are undermined by NAFTA etc., displacing millions of Mexican farmers into Mexican cities b/c they can't compete w/subsidized US corn imports. These become grunt 'drug war' mules.

The Washington beltway is a problem: ignoring solutions like legalization to remove the economic incentive from narco-trafficking and gang activity.

EG. Human Rights Watch silent about the obscene costs - economic, human rights, human. . . - of Plan Colombia & its expansion to Latin America, Caribbean and Mexico (under Plan Mexico:; Amnesty International refusing to be clear against Plan Mexico, saying that it's a good idea; they ignore opportunities e.g.recent conservative fmr Latin AmericanHeads of State for a 'Paradigm Shift' calls to decriminalize marijuana, spend resources going to corrupt OFFICIAL gangs aka security forces on demand reduction), it will take much pressure on Washington.

But "Yes, we can!"

Let's demand our Congresspeople stop funding the 'war on drugs' home and abroad and instead support treatment and education in communities like these, often refugees from previous USG misadventures.

And take heart, there are grassroots groups providing hands on opportunities for kids to learn and stay out of trouble. Here's one I heard about:
huffingtonpost entry

The High Line: Think, Reuse, Grow Up

Commented Jul 8, 2009 at 21:11:13 in New York

“I was there too.

Architects in my firm (and in my university) are taking note of the natural world and the conditions in which our designs leave it.

would have been great if this reporter had mentioned that old growth wood was used by the Highline (a lot of it!).

The Highline has made self-serving statements about the materials being FSC certified. But everyone knows that the Forest Stewarship Council is corrupt and an industry front. The logging industry has control of the thing (despite participation by a few 'enviro' organization that long ago lost their way (e.g. the Sierra Club NATIONAL).

So would be great to have the reporter enquire: what is “sustainable” or “green” about using Amazonian hardwood for benches 8,000 miles away?

How does industrially logging a dynamic, biologically diverse rainforest signal concern for or achieve protection of our natural environment?

check out

I hope Huffington Post will keep us informed of the controversy surrounding the Highline's 'ecological' design and whether they will continue to by wood from pristine rainforests for the next two sections underway now.”