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An Open Letter To The California Hispanic Chambers Of Commerce

Commented Jun 3, 2012 at 23:58:46 in Latino Voices

“Thank you Dr. Huerta for your important message.  The tobacco companies have a long history of targeting minorities, low income populations and youth with their predatory marketing practices. I was really surprised that the Hispanic Chamber didn't endorse 29, but as I now read ... The take money from Altria.  I hope they refuse that blood money in the future so they can do their job to look out for the welfare of the Hispanic community rather than do Tobacco's bidding. Commenters should be aware that Prop 29 money never goes near Sacramento, politicians, nor the general fund.  It will be cancer researchers and doctors and cancer survivors who distribute the funds. They WILL go to life saving cancer research in California.  I'm voting Yes on 29 to save lives, keep kids from smoking and just maybe lead us to a cure for cancer.  ”
Want to Bring Down Smoking Rates? Follow the Lead of New York

Want to Bring Down Smoking Rates? Follow the Lead of New York

Commented May 29, 2012 at 15:56:47 in New York

“Great article and the numbers say it all. With New York's multi-prong approach, High School students' smoking rate is down to 7%. It's still 14% in California and going up because cigarettes are so cheap here. Almost all smokers wish they didn't smoke. Almost all smokers don't want kids to start. Many smokers follow that logic through to supporting higher cigarette taxes. I'd ask all readers here to send an e-mail to their friends and family who live and vote in California and ask them to follow New York's example by voting YES on Prop 29 on June 5th. Prop 29 will keep kids from smoking, save lives and just may lead us to a cure for cancer. YES on 29!”