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Hey Waiter!  There's a Megacalorie in My Stew!

Hey Waiter! There's a Megacalorie in My Stew!

Commented Jun 13, 2009 at 22:18:44 in Healthy Living

“Perhaps if the rest of the country was as progressive as NYC and Seattle it would encourage wiser menu choices, not to mention teach a crash-course in nutrition to consumers about food choices they make at home and in the grocery store. Given that taxpayers are responsible for financing about half of obesity-related medical costs through Medicare and Medicaid (Journal of Public Health Policy, 2008) it would be an interesting grassroots campaign for citizens to lobby for national calorie labeling in restaurants to get those costs down, particularly as Americans eat out more frequently year after year! And if it helped to force restaurants to make their choices healthier, that would just be a bonus.”