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The Final Distraction: McCain/Palin Worse Than Bush

The Final Distraction: McCain/Palin Worse Than Bush

Commented Oct 2, 2008 at 16:54:31 in Politics

“Careful, John Cusack. Though I believe all of the above, I think Obama’s strategy of staying away from an extreme offense is a good one.
“Watch McCain repeat "maverick" 300 times a day, like a mantra…” You’re correct to assume that when repeated over and over, society is prone to believe anything; true or false, positive or negative. (Normalization.)
Republicans have been reciting their mantra since Bush’s “New World Order” (most likely since Reagan/Bush). America is now woven into the fabric of this discourse. Evidenced by:
1. our entertainment: reality shows vs. thought-provoking contexts;
2. our news coverage: highlighting black violence, newscasts for product promotion;
3. our schools: creationism vs. evolution, no child left behind;
4. our consumption: American-made vs. outsourcing.
5. our American Groupthink persona touts him as elitist! Democrats will never verbalize it, but many of us cringe when we hear his even-handed glibness. (How f-ing politically correct we are, so correct that we let Bush get elected AGAIN!)
As I watch the platform of our society shift from “civil rights” to “right-to-life,” I can only wonder how we got here.
We let ourselves become normalized between a neo-conservative rock and a fundamentalist hard place.
Obama must stay centered until elected.
After elected, THAT is when Obama should “put his boots on their throats, and never let up.” In my opinion, his single most important task while President, will be ensuring that we’re normalized back into sanity.”