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Compassion Across Borders

Commented Jul 13, 2010 at 15:35:18 in World

“Students all across America, especially students who are graduating from college and can't find jobs, would love to sign up to serve abroad. This sounds like a fantastic initiative to put thousands of young Americans into productive work to solve some of our toughest international challenges, and in the process, foster more peace and understanding among people.”
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Bolstering the Economy by Serving the Common Good

Commented Apr 23, 2010 at 11:01:09 in Politics

“I am approaching the one year anniversary of something as well--my graduation from college. As a 2009 graduate with a degree in Finance, I beat the odds and landed a wonderful job that relates to my major. A majority of my best friends have not been so lucky. They are still working their part-time college jobs waiting for opportunities like the ones listed above to become more widely available. They feel as though they are wasting time by learning no new skills that will separate them from 2010 graduates. And on top of everything Forbes and the Wall Street Journal have both reported that those who graduate during a recession make up to 9% less over their lifetime than those who graduate during "flusher" times. With all these statistics mounting against my class, it would be wonderful to speed up the recovery process by enlisting these highly qualified college graduates in work that truly matters to both them and to the future of our country.”
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Teachers on America's Schools

Commented Mar 3, 2010 at 13:46:34 in Business

“So great to see this work continuously moving forward. With each report released on this topic, the closer America is to solving the Dropout Crisis. It is important to have open and honest conversations with all three constituencies--parents, teachers and students. Once these conversations take place everyone will have a better idea of the exact supports each constituency needs. But it is gravely important for teachers to receive the appropriate supports. As stated above, they are "on the front lines" and most directly involved in our student's education. We should listen to their cries and provide the much deserved and needed supports!”
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Put Service on Steroids

Commented Dec 16, 2009 at 09:02:36 in Business

“As a 2009 college graduate, I am blessed to be gainfully employed and happy during this holiday season. But for so many of my fellow graduates, this is not the case. A number of my dear friends are merely biding their time until an job opportunity comes along that might fulfill them, engage them, and NEED them. What better way to do all those things than the opportunities listed above? Not only would my friends find purpose, our communities and country would benefit from their knowledge and skills. It's a wasted opportunity to meaningfully engage recent college graduates during tough economic times.”