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An Epidemic of Stress Among College Students (and Younger Children) Is NOT Inevitable

Commented Feb 2, 2011 at 17:33:04 in College

“Thank you so much for writing this post and giving us parents some hope that drowning in stress is not an inevitability for our kids! Also what a great reminder that one of our jobs is to help our kids build resilience, and that requires that we not shield them from all stress.

I also try to remember to talk about the stress I'm feeling and what I'm doing about it so my kids see me acknowledging what's true for me and taking responsibility for my response. I do this casually, such as, "That was a great workout, and now I don't feel so stressed about X".”
huffingtonpost entry

The 'Sandwich Generation'

Commented Aug 12, 2010 at 14:18:41 in Healthy Living

“Thank you for writing such a poignant and honest post on entering the sandwich generation.

My kids are a bit younger, and my parents are still independent, but each of them has needed me in new ways over the past year and I anticipate that I'll be launching kids into college at the same time I'll be doing more and more to help my parents.

I watched each of my parents assist their own parents and think I learned a lot about "how it's done". Not so much the details of arranging care in a facility or having power of attorney, but how to blend some caretaking with one's individual life. At times it was extremely stressful and emotional.

Although perhaps Boomers are in the thick of the sandwich generation now, I believe that many Gen Xers (that's me) will be there soon enough. As people live longer and have children later in life, there simply will be more and more people "in the middle" of generations who have very different needs.

Thanks for this post!

Heather Mundell