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'Craft Wars' On TLC: A Genuinely Entertaining Show About Crafting, We Promise (VIDEO)

'Craft Wars' On TLC: A Genuinely Entertaining Show About Crafting, We Promise (VIDEO)

Commented Jun 29, 2012 at 03:13:45 in HuffPost Home

“I was excited about this show but after watching it, I'm not so sure! It was a true disappointment!! First, the winner should not have won! If the judges were technical like other shows they would of voted the so called winner off in round one. Anyone who doesn't finish their craft should immediately be voted off. The winner created an every day sports bag...nothing special...horrible sewing, lines, a corner that wasn't stitched and the whole backside was not finished. They cut a lady who had a creative, awesome, unique design just because she used hot glue on one item of the bag....time allowance the bag was complete and looked fabulous but she still got cut....seriously?? Then the end round was again not judged correctly. Sure, the winner had creative outside of her playhouse but that was it. The whole point is THAT IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE A PLAYHOUSE. The other team completely had this hands down, any kid would love it and would actually PLAY IN IT!! And then the other complaint is that when the teams are crafting, they and we really don't need any more Tori camera time! Why would you go over and barge into someones time and design-what a horrible distraction Tori is! Just sit back and relax Tori, it's about the crafts, not a cameo every other minute of you!! I really hope they make changes to the show because the premiere was awful!”

Debi Letterly on Jul 3, 2012 at 20:23:19

“I completely agree with you regarding the judging. Their choices made no sense. The first round she didn't even finish so obviously it wasn't usable. Which was the reason they sent the person home bc the tennis racket wasn't usable???? Then the second round. What good is the outside if there is no playhouse stuff on the inside???? I was very disappointed. Enough that I'm questioning whether to keep watching if these are the choices that are made. I do disagree regarding Tori, though. All competition shows have the host or main judge touch base with contestants in the midst of the competition.”