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northmaine3's Comments

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Occupy the Maine Woods!

Occupy the Maine Woods!

Commented Oct 19, 2011 at 22:46:39 in Politics

“I agree with much of Ms.Quimby's premise that northern Maine needs to stop depending on the status-quot to rescue it from it's downward economic spiral.But that said; as a full time resident of Aroostook County, I feel that she is promoting an agenda that is exclusive in it's considerations towards those who , for generations, have enjoyed the North Woods. Enjoyed them both as a place to work, to play, and to meditate on the virtues of having a vast forested expanse at your back door. The unconditional love of such a place comes with time and experience. I agree that much of this place has been abused and altered with no thought but to the economics. Much of Quimby's land east of Baxter Park has incredible views of Mt. Katahdin only because it's previous owner was kind enough to remove all the trees. The foundations of this beautiful country, however, are still solid. The forest waits for an opportunity to rise from the ashes. I wish I had time enough to see it happen. I would gladly dedicate my dust towards a landscape of 100 year old trees. As of today Ms. Quimby may have my admiration but she does not have my support. There are simply to many: "You can't", "You will not", "Don't ever", "Because I said so" in the equation to make it palatable to me. Although the offer for my dust still stands.”