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How I Got Fired by the U.S. Census

Commented May 21, 2010 at 18:14:41 in Politics

“I must say that after reading a few of the comments below, I wanted to see what you looked like to determine if your CL was justified. After finding your public profile on Facebook (and noting that you posted the link to this article on your wall), I am FLOORED that you were let go due to dress code issues. BUT, I must say...while your intentions to work for the census are honorable...consider yourself lucky for getting out of there! I have been working for the Census since the beginning of the year in 2 separate field operations (in NYC), and have witnessed some of the most inept, wasteful, backwards, disorganized, and (at times) illegal practices. I will NEVER look at US Census data at truthful, factual or accurate again. As far as dress code, during my tenure, i have worn yoga pants, a tee shirt & sneakers EVERY DAY...with no makeup and my hair in a pony tail. I switched to an enumerator field position last week....our crew leader (when asked what we should wear) just said, "don't look like a slob." Yet, I have met other census employees with no teeth, body odor issues, unkept hair and wearing clothing with holes and stains. It seems to me that your Crew Leader had something against you personally. But, don't take it personally....the majority of the CL & FOS hires (that I've met) couldn't get a manager's job at McDonald's. It is "Senseless Census Stupidity".....”