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Anthony Sedlak Overdose: Cause Of Death Revealed For TV Chef

Anthony Sedlak Overdose: Cause Of Death Revealed For TV Chef

Commented May 7, 2013 at 19:56:19 in Canada British Columbia

“Whenever I see something like this these days, my first thought will be...were they on any psych meds. Since one of the side effects is suicidal ideation, it could be a possibility. The mental health industry has more to do with mental illness management than creating any serious venue to create and support mental health. And if he had a problem with prescription medication addiction...that's another area where conventional medicine isn't stepping up to the plate in dealing with pain management, addiction, and healthy living. I've worked with doctors and in social work for 16 years so I've seen the good (and often great), the bad and the ugly.

Otherwise, how sad and what a waste. My sympathy goes out to his friends and family.”
African Farmers Face Climate Change Threats, More Needs To Be Done, Study Says

African Farmers Face Climate Change Threats, More Needs To Be Done, Study Says

Commented Sep 7, 2012 at 17:39:17 in Green

“My concern here is that they're using GMO corn and soybeans for the "maize" and "beans". I believe GMO sweet potatoes are being used or are in the works as well. Africa doesn't need another "green revolution" like they had in India. What's the current rate for farmer suicides in India? They can do better for themselves and the environment, and be a leader in sustainable farming techniques for the third world instead of another example of how agribiz can screw up yet another part of the planet and the lives of the farmers who put their trust in them. Follow the work of John Jeavons to get an idea of what is possible.”
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John Galliano: 'I Love Hitler' (VIDEO)

Commented Feb 28, 2011 at 09:28:15 in Style

“He sounds totally wasteded and like he wants to piss these people off, or is just drunken rambling. I wonder if he remembered the incident or what he said? Without the video it looks like it could be a blackout moment for Galliano. Is this unusual behavior for him these days or does he have substance abuse issues? This is out of context so it's hard to say what really happened. Did these people bother him and he's mouthing off, or is this an unwarranted communication toward some unsuspecting diners? It's weird and sad, and there is such a thing as freedom of speech no matter how objective the speech might be.

The management could have asked Galliano to leave just because he's loaded...even without the offensive rambling. People do all sorts of things in life that one may regret or do differently at another point in time. It's unfortunate these days that it has to get "televised" for all the world to see, be judge and jury about, and, in sense, never forget. What a mess!”

Morena on Feb 28, 2011 at 09:55:06

“Thx for your rant! We needed a matching set.”
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My Easter Sunday with Caresse

Commented Apr 3, 2010 at 18:07:51 in Entertainment

“How sad! Glad Jimmy made it and, hopefully, suffered no residual damage. I wonder if Ms. Henry was on anti-depressants, etc? I find it amazing that side effects of psych meds can be depression and suicidal ideation and it's the first line of defense given to almost every person who goes to a doctor or clinic for depression.
Four years ago I went to a clinic for depression, and had to be very persistant to not have to take them (wishing to try non-drug options first). For the following three years I was asked about taking meds on a regular basis, and it's not that I wasn'tt getting better. I was given little to no practical alternatives (diet/exercise/sleep habits/stress reduction techniques for starters...cheaper, with no side effects). It's too bad the only group actively supporting not using psych meds are Scientologists. They happen to be pretty much on target (I say pretty much because I think they support no meds ever and nothing in this world is that black and white).
Thank goodness there are psychiatrists like Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Gabriel Cousens and others who look at medication as a LAST resort and not a first one. However, there aren't enough and their voices aren't being heard thru the din of pharmaceutical adverts. My condolences to Ms. Henry's friends and family. I hope Jimmy knows that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, and all problems are temporary.”
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The Truth About Nuclear Power in Utility Reactors

Commented Feb 22, 2010 at 15:08:29 in Green

“Scientists aren't always right Think precautionary principle. If scientists who support increased nuclear energy (not all do) are's REALLY bad. Carcinogenic pollutants will last for...OK, if charles77 is correct...ONLY 200 years? Global warming can be helped without nuclear power. Watch The Inconvenient Truth. We haven't cleaned up radioactive pollution that exists now or figured how to safely contain waste for the time it will be harmful.

Radiation is tasteless, colorless and can take years for cancers to develop, so the scientific community can easily convince the general public that nothing's wrong and nothing will be wrong. We haven't given enough effort, money or education towards reducing energy consumption, or conserving energy. What if all people who want solar could get it paid for by the government and then pay back thru a lease?

PS - I'm not a Luddite but the "oops" factor in science is getting more dire. There needs to be more thought before technologies having longterm serious consequences are put into practice. The question needs to be not CAN we do this but SHOULD we (a more challenging, less "sexy" concept). There are often possible risks with new technologies but it's one thing testing a new plane and an individual pilot having informed consent, verus putting new nuclear technolgies to work and having an entire community, or planet, bear the burden of science going "oops" with no informed consent or ability to protect oneself from the fallout (literally) of an accident or mistake.”

SkyCap on Feb 22, 2010 at 15:37:17

“You have a point overall, but your point about radiation being tasteless and odorless is not a good point. Lots of carcinogenic CHEMICALS are tasteless and odorless...and those chemicals don't have the one characteristic that radiation does that makes radiation sometimes easier to detection...the RADIATION. Radiation broadcasts its presence by its very nature and can be readily detected by radiation detectors. There are many different radioactive compounds, but in general harmful radioactivity from all kinds of materials can be detected with the same kinds of detectors (not necessarily the cliche "Geiger counter," but other, more sensitive laboratory instruments). Harmful chemicals, however, come in such a variety that many, many different kinds of tests are required to find all the possible kinds of contaminants that could be in any given sample of soil or in the water (unless of course you know specifically what you are looking for). I am much more scared of carcinogenic chemicals than I am radiation (depending on the type of contamination...uranium and plutonium have chemical toxicity that makes ingestion MORE dangerous than the radiation...but those have never been released by power plants in the US).”

charles77 on Feb 22, 2010 at 15:33:56

“People are doing that in my town Austin right now. Its a cool idea but it is the cost.
For the average single family home, a complete off grid solar system is about $150,000.
So your lease payment is about what your mortgage is. They sell these systems online, you can google; "home solar systems" and on most of these sites you can put in your home specs and get a price. On grid systems are cheaper but your still hooker to coal or nuclear at night. On grid systems are about $50,000. So you have to be willing to pay about 5 times your monthly electric costs on the grid. Some rich people are doing this here now.

And what about apts where someone else lives above you?”
Dennis Hopper Divorce Shocker

Dennis Hopper Divorce Shocker

Commented Feb 12, 2010 at 08:35:53 in Entertainment

“Didn't realize he was so ill. It ain't over till it's over and I hope someone in Mr. Hopper's camp would suggest alternative cancer treatments (Gerson, etc) though if he's had mucho radiation and chemo, he may have no immune system left to rally back to health/life.”