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How To Optimize Your Nutrition For Vibrant Health

How To Optimize Your Nutrition For Vibrant Health

Commented Jul 1, 2009 at 19:51:32 in Healthy Living

“As a registered dietitian and nutrition expert, I am surprised by a comment in your otherwise helpful article: "There is NO role in our diets for foreign molecules such as trans fats and high-fructose corn syrup, which interfere with our biology at every level." High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is not some mysterious concoction that people should avoid. We need to limit intake in the same way that we limit intake of ANY sweetener. Here are the scientific dietary facts:
-- HFCS is nothing but a kind of corn sugar that is nutritionally the same as table sugar. It is made from corn, a natural grain product.
-- Sugar, honey and HFCS all contain the same number of calories (four calories per gram). Like sugar or honey, HFCS has calories. Excessive calories, from whatever source, can promote weight gain. But replacing high fructose corn syrup with sugar will not reduce obesity or improve health. They are nutritionally the same.
-- The American Medical Association in June 2008 helped put to rest misunderstandings about this sweetener and obesity, stating that “high fructose syrup does not appear to contribute to obesity more than other caloric sweeteners.”
-- No single food or ingredient is the sole cause of nutrition issues – rather, the primary cause is unbalanced diet, too many calories and too little exercise.

Let’s strive to educate the public truthfully, allowing them to take informed responsibility for their nutritional needs.

Page love, MS, RD, LD, Owner, Nutrifit, Sport, Therapy, Inc.”
Long Term Weight Loss - More Than Will Power?

Long Term Weight Loss - More Than Will Power?

Commented May 19, 2009 at 07:41:02 in Healthy Living

“As a registered dietitian who has worked with a variety of clients for over 25 years, I know well that there are those whose medical conditions contribute to weight and conditions like diabetes. For those who have issues due to sedentary lifestyle, overeating, and/or poor dietary choices, the answer is education and lifestyle changes—and this must include true and scientifically sound information. For example, one of the facts that people must hear is that no single food or ingredient is the cause of diabetes or obesity. This includes high fructose corn syrup, the subject of so much misinformation. Both sugar and high fructose corn syrup contain four calories per gram, and the body metabolizes them in the same way. Kathleen J. Melanson, et al., at the University of Rhode Island reviewed the effects of HFCS and sugar on circulating levels of glucose, leptin, insulin, and ghrelin in a study group of lean women. The study found “no differences in the metabolic effects” of HFCS and sugar. Singling out HFCS in an authoritative article like this one continues the misinformation to the public, in the same way that people tried blame sugar in years past for being the main culprit behind diabetes and insulin resistance....and it just isn’t that simple. There is a whole host of factors, and HFCS should not be singled out. Let’s make sure we’re arming people with “just the facts.”

Page Love, RD”

MrsRuff on May 21, 2009 at 23:33:07

“I believe this article isn't for merely overweight people who are uneducated and sedentary. He's talking about the cellular level of the way a patient with hypothyroidism cannot lose weight and how it has to do with consumption of carbs and HFCS or Reverse T3. The facts are that I am a person with autoimmune hypothyroidism and despite my consumption of whole grains and lean proteins not exceeding 1500 cal/day and walking vigorously 4 miles/day 5 days/week and light weight training 3 days/week....I am still not losing any weight or if i do lose any, I gain it back right away (in less than a week). This article is GREAT NEWS for people who suffer from this disease. Was the study that you mention done on people with hypothyroidism? That's what he is saying here....that people with hypothyroidism have difficulty losing weight with consumption of carbs and HFCS and THEY should avoid it. Please don't mistake me as being rude...I just want to make sure the people reading this article understand that it is directed at patients with hypothyroidism so the facts are much different than those of the rest of the world.”