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Why Progressives Should Support the Draft and Why Aren't People Protesting McCain's Lack of Patriotism?

Commented Apr 11, 2008 at 03:47:14 in Politics

“If, as Schaeffer argues, the reason why the Iraq war has gone on this long is that it doesn’t directly involve members of the educated, left-leaning classes, why did Vietnam go on so long? The Iraq war is plenty unpopular already. Vietnam didn’t end when there was a sizable peace movement that protested loudly and regularly, when the police were beating protesters and the National Guard was killing college students. Those days were years gone by the time we finally accepted defeat and went home. Even a huge cultural movement, taking place during the TV era, involving scads of celebrities and shocking incidents, during a war (with a draft) that was so unpopular it forced an incumbent president to drop out of his own party’s primary, was in the end unable to sway war policy. So it is flimsy logic that we should to force more people to fight immoral and illegal wars because it might make the people who are already opposed to it more opposed to it.

When the draft was in effect, it didn’t get activated until a war had been going on for quite a while and there was a need for a troop infusion. A draft is used to put a war on a kind of life support, to expand it when it might otherwise have to be scaled back or halted entirely. Schaeffer is arguing for the “pre-emptive strike” equivalent of drafting, and it just doesn’t make sense.”

nofavorite on Apr 13, 2008 at 12:44:20

“Actually, the draft was in place during VietNam and the reason so many protestors were on campuses was because the students in college were exempt from the draft as long as they stayed in school. The draft was in effect since WWII until the voluntary service was passed into law during Nixon's administration. Most young men served 24 months or if they volunteered the service was 3 years.”