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The Radioactive Racism Behind Nuclear Energy

The Radioactive Racism Behind Nuclear Energy

Commented Mar 25, 2011 at 21:53:00 in World

“We can get out of oil/nuclear if, we as people get clear with the fact that the alternative to this oil/nuclear nightmare exist, but is suppressed. Zero point energy source of energy can and will replace the oil/nuclear energy sources if the people get of their buts and demand release and use of 5,000 patents still today shelved.
Please ask your congressperson and demand hearing on the floor of the congress for the classification of those 5,000 patents.

palindrom on Mar 26, 2011 at 10:38:44

“Speaking as a physicist, I can assure you that ZPE is pseusoscientific nonsense.

If you'd like to invest in it, my friendly advice is to invest no more than you can afford to lose.”
Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Accident: How Japan's Fukushima Damage Compares

Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Accident: How Japan's Fukushima Damage Compares

Commented Mar 22, 2011 at 19:04:14 in Green

“Using wind, solar, Geo-thermal is just a spit in the bucket. It must be convenient/strategic to limit the discussion to those options - to just to show how limited and insufficient those option are! Horror behind this political maneuvering is that a real and effective solutions to this horrific stand off exist at least since Tesla's pioneering work 100 years or so. There are about 5.000 patents lock up/classify for supposedly "national security". They are real solution to the energy crises, they deal with clean, no polluting energy generation - so called zero point energy devises. On top of this, many brave inventors have being harassed, intimidated, gag order to silence or outright murdered! Just ask Dr. Steven Greer about his attempt to bring the zero point devises to the attention to the President Bill Clinton. Or his attempt to purchase the rights to such devises and mass produce it. His partner has being murdered and himself barely survived same end! Or try to bring the issue to the attention to the mass media. They will not touch it, they ignore your e-mail.
Solution exist to neutralizing or eliminate the danger of radioactivity. The agent useful for eliminate the radioactivity is called BROWN GAS. It has being showcased to the Congresspeople in California in the 90'. Investigation in the use of the Brown Gas has being blocked by the order from higher ups and the brave inventor is dead and his associates are in hiding in underground.”