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Five Reasons Why the NRA Must Be Stopped

Five Reasons Why the NRA Must Be Stopped

Commented Feb 18, 2013 at 22:23:18 in Politics

“Most responsible gun owners support criminal background checks. But that is not what this issue is about. Bans and limits on guns for law abiding citizens is the true offence being proposed. The second amendment is put in place so that the day our government no longer is “By the people and for the people”, the citizens have the means and abilities to once again fight for their liberty. Restricting the ability for law abiding citizens to maintain this “Check and Balance” is paramount to the elimination of the first amendment and equally as offensive. I don’t believe our government is currently one that requires removal by its citizens, but our children’s government might. The day our government no longer uses weapons in defense of itself both internally as well as externally, is the day citizens no longer needs weapons to insure they have the ability to protect themselves. If you’re really serious about eliminating guns, ask your government to do it first.”