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'Lost Girl' Renewed: Syfy Orders Season 3, Plus Scoop From Insiders

'Lost Girl' Renewed: Syfy Orders Season 3, Plus Scoop From Insiders

Commented Sep 6, 2012 at 19:42:56 in TV

“I love Lost Girl I love Kenzi and Bo. I all for Bo being with Dyson that wolf just sexy Lauren just seem so weak & I don"t mean cause she is human living in the Fae world Kenzi human but she way stronger emotionally then Lauren. Can't wait for Season 3. Maybe Kenzi get with Hale?”

kedrie on Nov 5, 2012 at 17:47:32

“Yeah, I get that KHR is a studmuffin for alot of folks. He plays Dyson with that wolfish attitude that gets alot of peeps hot and bothered. I find the lack of understanding for Lauren odd at times.. Kenzi is a kid, she's lived off the streets and doesn't follow anyone's rules. She escaped. She had herself to look after... and that's it. Lauren is built as a scientist. She's a doctor. The welfare of others generally comes before any other considerations, including her own welfare. Her weakness is perceived that she's physically non-violent? I don't see how that's weakness. She gave herself up to save someone she cared about. Works her ass off, and stays to help the group when her freedom glimmers before her. She's a giver as a slave. If that isn't strength.. I don't know what is...”

IamBrianM on Nov 5, 2012 at 14:10:20

“Hmm, Lauren is a human slave. She sacrificed her freedom for the woman she loves [twice] and had to live for 5 years in a world where people saw her as lesser and nothing but food under the false pretense that she could eventually find a cure for a disease her girlfriend didn't even have. Kenzi is a street kid. She is living the life she wants to live and doesn't have to answer to no one. Bo is right, Lauren *is* the strongest person she's ever met.”