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California Inmate Move Safe, According To Study

California Inmate Move Safe, According To Study

Commented Mar 12, 2012 at 07:15:50 in San Francisco

“This is news to many parents, friends and family that visit people in the California jails The jails gang "program" in NO way encourages, or rewards inmates that no longer participate in gang activity. Active gang members remain in general population with more freedom AND, those who decide they no longer want to be involved in gang activity are put into isolation where they spend 23 hrs.a day in a single person cell. They are colored banded to identify them to ALL as a deserter, their visits are in a caged area "to protect them" from active gang members.The message that is sent by jails is: "There is No benefit to leaving a gang however, we have a variety of punishment & discomfort, we'll also help you get the word out to others if you do decide to leave.When the bright folks running things start their new program putting gang LEADERS back in population, they will be successful in not having to keep building high risk security prisons but, they damn sure will be having to build whole jails or add to jails large isolation areas for all that want out. Someone really needs to set up the system to support, encourage, even reward those who want to get out. Make it possible without isolation 23 hrs. a day or putting the threat of violence or their lives at risk and I wonder just how many gang members would take that opportunity? Don't you? Why don't they?”
Supreme Court Decision Orders Release Of 30,000 Inmates

Supreme Court Decision Orders Release Of 30,000 Inmates

Commented May 24, 2011 at 18:49:57 in Politics

“I know many people are worried about the large number of inmates being released but, as a parent of a child who was on parole for a number of years I am hoping that the inmates being released are those who are there for "parole violation". That is a charge that has been used and abused for such a long time. We need a overhaul of the parole/probation system and that would eliminate the overcrowding. Parole/probation rules/regulations in alot of areas make it impossible for the parolee to comply.You must have a place to live but, don't approve of location, you must work but, not there. A better picture, they tie their hands and feet and ask them to swim length of pool. When they can not they are violated. I don't know if the agents are overwhelmed or if there is money for the state involved for more inmates? But, I DO KNOW, the numbers in our prisons of "violaters" is high and in many cases ridiculous. Fix the parole/probation system and you fix the problem.”