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shed with the chandelier's Comments

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Why Being an Author Really Is That Great

Commented Dec 3, 2011 at 10:32:41 in Books

“Arielle I like your comment - "the more you talk about your passion, the more passion you have for it"
the more one puts it into practice the more it appears to be true... I am very glad read your post”
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No Black Friday

Commented Nov 24, 2011 at 05:42:34 in Healthy Living

“Sounds "interesting" :-) will have to look it up. I love that Laura Munsons story has led to the conversation she want to see happening... it is worth it to stop and look around and really appreciate what we my need and not just what we think we want because it is force fed us by mass marketing. Thank you Laura for putting a shout out for all those shopkeeper and artistans and artists who do put most their lives into sourcing produce that they care about to share with others...your right Laura those conversations between everyone is what keeps are souls healthy and feeds into the rest of our lives. Happy Thanksgiving "firststatemate" and to all you guys across the pond.”
huffingtonpost entry

No Black Friday

Commented Nov 23, 2011 at 03:08:23 in Healthy Living

“I read this with agreement and hope... I took a little journey to a healthfood shop in our old town, here in the Med. to put in our order for our Christmas turkey just the other day. My daughter and I and the shopkeeper discussed the size, the day it would - arrive because its a rare thing here, a turkey. The turkey will come from the other side of the island on a certain day where we will receive it knowing that the bird had a good life and we, our little family, the shop keeper and the farmer will be well paid and we will be well fed... and memories and traditions created and passed on.

Not quiet the same as queuing in the multinational supermaket where we would dig it out of a freezer never knowing where it came from... we did need to go there for some Christmas pudding ( were from the UK) ingredients so it has its place but the memories won't be the same - and the longer we are here the less there is the need - the little local shops are where my heart lies.

Laura thank you for reminding me how important all this is.”

firststatemate on Nov 23, 2011 at 08:34:43

“What a lovely story. I just love stories about traditional old-fashioned holiday customs and celebrations. I especially love studying the British and Victorian customs. My favorite Bed and Breakfast is in Toronto. The innkeeper, Geoffrey Pimblett, is a wonderfully eccentric English gentleman, very much like John Cleese, whose establishment is an old Victorian home filed with all the antique accotrments of that era. He is now preparing to do a TV cooking show where he dresses as the Queen of England and cooks special holiday meals for heads of state. The show will be called "Cooking with the Queen", and the pilot episode in which he prepares Christmas plum pudding reminded me of your story.”