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A Loaded Question: On Drinking While Pregnant

A Loaded Question: On Drinking While Pregnant

Commented Nov 20, 2012 at 11:05:57 in Parents

“As the mother of a child with FAS, I suggest any doctor who questions the affects of alcohol on the fetus ought to get to know a few of these kids. Remember when doctors prescribed thalidomide and what that did? I have a friend who took tranquilizers throughout her pregnancy and her child has severe learning disabilities. What is the matter with people that they don't see that whatever they are feeding themselves, they are feeding their baby. If I were a doctor, and a mom asked me if it was okay to drink, I'd answer with the informaton about which part of the baby was developing at that time. Well, this week of gestation, her fingernails are forming, They may be paper thin and never grow. Or, now her head size is increasing. She may have a small, misshapen skull. Then let the mother choose.”