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What's Missing From The Health Care Debate

What's Missing From The Health Care Debate

Commented Aug 10, 2009 at 09:32:00 in Healthy Living

“I'm with you. Prevention as argued above is the right idea, but our author says if only people were more educated on prevention... I don't think it's education- as if people don't know that being morbidly obese leads to health issues. I'm pretty sure they are aware, but either can't anymore or won't get healthy. Fat tax might help though we all know this would never happen. It reminds me of flying and the new charging for suitcases because of weight. yeah right. As I check in and am charged $50 for my 20lb suitcase, while 325lb guy across from me carries-on and pays nothing. hmmm.
To be healthy, really healthy as a nation- forget the insurance companies- would bring the weight of the consumer packaged goods down on congress. It's probably not a coincidence that our post industrial age ultra processed packaged food makes us fat, but is devoid of nutrients. People, stop eating stuff that comes from a box or bag and has ingredients that aren't foods- even if the label says it's low-fat, low-carb whatever trend is being pushed at the moment. This is all just crap and a placebo. Diet coke has zero calories and is the most popular drink among fatties.

I'm happy to carry my brothers and sisters, but it's awfully difficult when they are over 300 lbs.”
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The New Blood Diamonds

Commented Aug 5, 2009 at 11:12:43 in World

“Could you be less vague? Which minerals, which electronics, which multinationals? How does this work exactly? Who are the middlemen and the distributors? How does the value chain work? I'd like to understand the connection between my iPod and a country of rape victims. Saying they are fighting over resources is not enough. Every country fights over resources in one way or another. Please write a follow up with more information.”