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huffingtonpost entry

New Atheists, Old Tricks

Commented May 20, 2013 at 17:47:42 in Politics

“ind If there is Islamophobia prevalent amongst the 'New Atheist' movement (which again I haven't really seen) then I'm pretty certain that a lot of that will be as a result of cultural and historical background rather than anything to do with being Atheists. I'd imagine that a large amount of 'New Atheists' grew up in a very culturally Christian setting and with that, unfortunately, often comes ignorance and misinformation about Islam (it's why I studied philosophy, religion and anthrolopology at university). I'm not dismissing or excusing any Islamophobic behaviour amongst 'New atheists' but I seriously doubt that it's directly as a result of their atheism.
So, by all means, challenge the thought processes of atheists when making up their views about religions and faith in general - and how they choose to express them, and definitely challenge Islamophobia within our society, but allow for the fact that people may be 'New Atheists' *and* have valid points regarding Islam.
Don't connect dots that are highly unlikely to be there.....”
huffingtonpost entry

New Atheists, Old Tricks

Commented May 20, 2013 at 17:29:49 in Politics

“This is not my experience as an atheist at all. I do find that many 'New Atheists' misunderstand people with faith and of course there's a tendency to mock beliefs that they find 'unbelievable' and ridiculous, but that is far removed from Islamophobia.
Dawkins is a clear example of 'not quite getting faith' but he isn't malicious and certainly does not single out Islam over any other religion. I think he is plainly negative about and confused by all manners of supernatural based belief system.
This lumping together of 'New Atheists' is as irritating and any other views expressed about faith groups. And the most irritating thing is that Atheism is not a collective!”