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Eating Disorders: 'I No Longer Think About Whether Or Not I Deserve Food'

Eating Disorders: 'I No Longer Think About Whether Or Not I Deserve Food'

Commented Mar 6, 2012 at 16:17:16 in Women

“All my close friends are ana's and mia's. We are this way for all different reasons.Some of us have never been able to tell our own pictures.Some of us,all our lives,just wanted to love and be loved,and be pretty and be thin.Some of us were sexually abused.Some of us had trouble with pain from food our entire lives.We dont look on this as a disease.We believe the disease culture pushes ana's and mia's into the closet,much like years ago lesbians and homosexuals,were considered people with a mental disease.Its the stigmatizing ,of the desire to be thin,that denies people the knowledge,that if their heart rate is rising,and if they are excreting a lot of fluids,that their heart is going to go into Afib.and they are going to die.This can be cured by drinking a bottle of zeroade,a pruduct of coca cola,its basically no calorie electrolytes,its about a dollar.Its time to get the ana's and mia's out of the closet.I am.The plates on my cars are pro-ana , pro-mia , tru-ana etc.I just want to spread the message,that electrolyte imbalance will kill you.There are many reasons,people want to be thin,I think a more open minded approach,may save lives”