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Sierra Club Blasts 'Sustainable Shale' Center's Partnership Between Industry And Environmental Groups

Sierra Club Blasts 'Sustainable Shale' Center's Partnership Between Industry And Environmental Groups

Commented Mar 24, 2013 at 21:12:17 in Green

“Wow, talk about sleeping with the enemy.Look how well the partnership between the Sierra Club and Chesapeake Energy went. [For Chesapeake]. They gave Sierra Club $26 million to keep quiet. Apparently the relationship went sour for Sierra to give up THAT kind of money. Or else Chesapeake is killing the environment far worse than than the Sierra Club could keep quiet about anymore. That is exactly what the underlying strategy is with this new organization. They have everyone in bed with them, from the Environmental Defense Fund, the Heinz Endowments, the Clean Air Task Force, EQT Corp. and the Pennsylvania Environmental Council. What's that old saying. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Brilliant strategy, gotta hand it to them. Someone from the new agency said environmental groups [opposed] were missing a key point. We're not missing anything, including the fact you didn't make a "key point". John Hanger, the former director of the Pennsylvania DEP, wrote in a blog post Thursday that "ultimately, it will matter not that individual gas producers like or dislike CSSD. " What will be decisive is that consumers of gas from Washington DC to Maine and from New York to Chicago will demand that their gas is certified as sustainably managed." What the hell does that mean? "certified as sustainably managed"? It's a lot of words that mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. You underestimate your consumer base Mr. Hangar. Fellow Americans, if you can't see through this ruse, you need your head examined.”