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taliesnin's Comments

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The Mystery Behind Gaddafi's Birth: Some Say He's Jewish

The Mystery Behind Gaddafi's Birth: Some Say He's Jewish

Commented Apr 1, 2011 at 07:11:33 in World

“his grandmother was jewish (the mother of his mother was), it's not a rumor, it's a fact. his aunt lives in israel. so he is a muslim with jewish roots like a lot of maghrebis”
Moroccan Djellaba: 'Jedi Robes' Dominate Fashion Scene (VIDEO)

Moroccan Djellaba: 'Jedi Robes' Dominate Fashion Scene (VIDEO)

Commented Jul 14, 2009 at 19:30:27 in World

“i will say something as a tunisian and a star wars fan. jedi robes are clearly inspired by tunisian djellaba.
in tunisia it's called burnus and the color of a traditional burnous is brown like a the jedi robe.
they shot tha tatooine scenes in the south of tunisia, it's impossible that they didn't meet some people wearing that cape.”
Sarkozy: Burqas Are 'Not Welcome' In France

Sarkozy: Burqas Are 'Not Welcome' In France

Commented Jun 22, 2009 at 17:03:08 in World

“if a husband is so fanatic that he is forcing his wife to wear a burqa when she goes out, how do you think he will react if there is a law banning this outfit...
he will lock up his wife, she will never leave the house again.
this law won't help muslim women, they will be the first to suffer.
what they need is education, instruction. this is the true way to freedom, not a law.”

Lilith33 on Jun 22, 2009 at 17:29:55

“To lock up your wife is also against the law.So that shows their not "choosing " anything.America didnt want to give up thie slaves either.And the slave owners were educated.So your point is bogus.”

wonder6789 on Jun 22, 2009 at 17:15:51

“The fanatic husband need his wife to go buy food at the market.

Aslo, there are laws (yeah, laws: in a republic there are laws to protect citizens) in France against locking up people.

Education, instruction, by all means.”

NoMercy on Jun 22, 2009 at 17:06:13

“So you advise a LAW to educate them?

I guess not...”
Iran and the Paradox of Paradise

Iran and the Paradox of Paradise

Commented Jun 17, 2009 at 19:43:44 in World

“i'm sorry sir but ther is no "muslim world" . we all live in the same planet.
tell me , does turkey ring a bell? tunisia?
let's talk about my country, tunisia.
polygamy is forbidden since 1956.
abortion is legal since 1956.
almost all tunisian speak french. italian is also spoken in the north
one of the most quiet and peaceful people on earth.
our only problem: we are living under a terrible dictatorship, a secular one, islam has nothing to do with it;
and by the way, obama is wrong arab leaders like mubarak are not "moderate" their tyranny is not moderate, the truth is they are not statemen, they are thieves, mobs like tony soprano”

Doomestic on Jun 18, 2009 at 09:45:07

“Exactly. Iran is far more open than most Arab "secular" countries. But hey, who cares if the people are repressed as long as their leaders are in the White House's pocket.

The tolerance for peaceful protests is much much better in Iran than it is in countries like Egypt. Honostly I wish half of the Arab states were as free as the Iranians are today, but I doubt the United States would wish the same, because if the will of the Arab people were to be translated into their governments, no one would have "friendly" relations with either the US or Israel.”
Revolution? No. Regime Change? Maybe

Revolution? No. Regime Change? Maybe

Commented Jun 17, 2009 at 10:41:52 in World

“khameinei religious legitimacy is very weak.
when khomeiny died he wasn't even an ayatollah, he was a hojjatelislam (the rank below), rafsandjani wo back then was his ally made him supreme leader.
the "legitimate" heir was grand ayatollah montazeri.
he was removed because he was the one who leaked the "irangate" scandal to the press ( the us israeli arms sales to iran)he did that to undermine rafsandjani and his ally khamenei.
and twenty years later it's montazeri who is allied with rafsandjani against khameinei”
Revolution? No. Regime Change? Maybe

Revolution? No. Regime Change? Maybe

Commented Jun 17, 2009 at 10:36:40 in World

“i don't we wil see a revolution and i don't believe the majority of iranian wants regime change.
Mosavi was chosen by the reformists becaue he is loyal to the regime. he considered Khomeini like his father. his campaign was about a return to Khomeinism. the irony with iran is that a lot of today's moderate like Grand Ayatollah Montazeri (the true heir of khomeini) were the most fanatics.
but people change...
Mosavi, Khamenei and Rafsandjani were all very close to Khomeini, it's more like a family dispute. it's the reason why this "revolution" isn' already crushed.
a lot of ayatollahs are supporting this.”
huffingtonpost entry

Left Out in Europe

Commented Jun 15, 2009 at 17:31:51 in World

“muslims are now the ultimate scapegoat. they are the new jews. there is afinancial crisis who are we going to blame? muslims of course...but i don't think it will last. i think the chinese will be the new muslim. we can already sense an antichinese hatred in france. because they are hypocrites it's officially about the dalai lama and the hulan rights, but it's just bullshit. europe used to rule the world now it's over. they had a dream: the unification of europe, but euro caused inflation so they are angry and now these chinese, thes indians, these now the mood in europe is fear and xenophobia and no collective dream”

rattler99 on Jun 16, 2009 at 07:49:02

“not true - there is a large contingent of east european and muslim content using the social services provided by the high taxation - not sustainable”
huffingtonpost entry

Left Out in Europe

Commented Jun 15, 2009 at 15:26:48 in World

“in europe the left electoral base ,the working class didn't vote beacause they don't believe in the democracy of european institutions...the parliement of strasbourg is powerless, the real power is in the hand of non-elected technocrats. we, in France voted against the constitution but no one respected this vote.
in france, the campaign of the right was about immigration, islam as usual...the left was absent and no one cared anyway
We can't talk about europe because all the establishment are on the same page and they can't admit it: it's what we call "la pensée unique".”
Iran Election Results: Ahmadinejad Declared Winner

Iran Election Results: Ahmadinejad Declared Winner

Commented Jun 13, 2009 at 14:19:52 in World

“there is a part of iran that the west doesn't want to see. it's the majority of the iranian people. the poor, pious people, the conservative part of iran. these people hate "the corrupt elite" and one man in particular Rafsandjani. we have to remember that Ahmadinejad defeated Rafsandjani.
Ahmadinejad is seen as an anti-elite, modest candidate , defender of iran's pride.
he said that he doesn't want to live in the presidential palace etc...he is an iranian political phénoménon like George W bush.
a political persona created by the system for one reason only: to win elections
in fact he has a lot in common with georges bush, i wonder who is his karl rove?

i apologize for the poor quality of my english”

seehowtheyrun on Jun 13, 2009 at 14:34:09

“Thanks taliesin. There have a been some similar comments to yours yesterday and today. To see and hear about people demonstrating and not supporting the status quo is heartening and I hope that movement continues, grows stronger, and eventually results in a change of regime.”