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What Is Wrong With the Arts?

Commented Feb 24, 2011 at 10:34:25 in Arts

“I'd like to bring up a point that most "experts" on the arts fail to recognize, time and again:
Current trends in art-making, whatever the discipline, are moving away from the older paradigms of which the author is so fond of. It was Merce Cunningham and his partner John Cage who codified the use of chance operations to create their work, forever changing the relationship of creator to audience. There are artists making extraordinary work in all disciplines who are not supported because arts funding and arts presenters are living in a fearful time supporting 'hits' or 'personalities' instead of the artist and the work over time. I dare the author and everyone else who believes there is no great art being made to skip the opera house, the ballet and the staid regional and broadway theaters, and go "downtown" and taste some fresh air. Yes, the work is usually in a place of experimentation, of trying something new, but there are exciting, challenging, intelligent and moving work being made all over this country that flies well clear of the mire of nostalgia we seemed doomed to wade in. Tennessee Williams, you ask? He was brilliant. Take a look at the Wooster Group's version of 'Vieux Carre': Aaaah, the 21st century! Or read someone like Will Eno. Never heard of him? What a shame. He's brilliant and well under the 60 years Mark Morris has reached.
Let's be brave: take your children to see art whatever the expression.”