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Paula Broadwell Sorry For David Petraeus Scandal (VIDEO)

Paula Broadwell Sorry For David Petraeus Scandal (VIDEO)

Commented May 27, 2013 at 16:34:40 in Politics

“Isn’t Ms. Broadwell using high paid PR consultants? Her entrance back appears to be staged and strangely impenitent as if she is oddly oblivious to the scope of her actions. I’m impressed with her accomplishments, but why would a biographer demand the same ‘attention’ as the subject? It’s one thing to exude general apologies- but to then immediately shift to oneself….speaks volumes of arrogance. Her first ‘surfacing’ was using a prayer breakfast to talk about herself....this event was not about her and it was selfish to deflect to her need for attention. The true art of genuine authenticity is to let go of one’s own importance...commonly referred to as humility. Her rehabilitation is from what...narcissism, callus decision making, and a disregard for the impact of her actions? Honest public discussions of these understandable human frailties might have been more authentic. A true apology is built on a foundation of 'grace'… starting publicly with Mrs. Petraeus coupled with the exclusion of all ‘I or me' statements putting the brakes on self-focus. I'm all for forgiveness as we are all human. Please ‘rehabilitate’ out of the camera’s eye and quietly demonstrate your words do come from your heart dropping your need to be so important. Let others witness and speak highly of your observable changes, contributions and your new life….not you.”
Make My Day, Machu Picchu, The Finale

Make My Day, Machu Picchu, The Finale

Commented Aug 21, 2013 at 11:37:59 in Impact

“Kevin, you are an incredible writer balancing the factual with the emotional aspects of a 'story' that must be told. Thanks to you and many others for extending relentless efforts to place this 'disease' front and center, in our faces in order to bring about social awareness and responsibility that has been long overdue. Your raw courage and willingness to share your life has translated into an elevated search for a cure as well as the creation of magical collaborations of people so selflessly willing to support others in any way possible. Thank you for your inspirational efforts. This disease has not touched me directly, but I've been impacted to assist in the quest for support and resolution. I’ve also have been inspired to ‘wake up’ and embrace love, joy, people as well as letting go of what’s really not important. This article was another 'gift' to all of us inviting us to experience life and to pay attention…please keep fighting.”
John Edwards To Emerge From Seclusion For Speech In New York

John Edwards To Emerge From Seclusion For Speech In New York

Commented Aug 30, 2008 at 15:24:44 in Politics

“I just do not understand what makes ''The Edwards tick' If his upcoming speech is going to be a truthful confession of sorts, perhaps by getting the facts out there, his rapid plummet to the depths of deceit can stop. The 'truth' could be a gift freeing his wife, the Youngs, and even Ms. Hunter and baby and only then can the healing process have a chance. If Edwards attempts to speak on behalf of others, it will fall flat as no one can HEAR the words from someone so removed from reality. As someone who does advocate for abused children and the poor, the Edwards are just not 'walking the walk'. They did not rush into seclusion panicked about their bills, loss of pay, gas money, or even worry about their child care, unless they had to let go a nanny or two. The cognitive dissonance between what the Edwards' say and what they actually do is major. Do they just not see it? I hope they are at least reading these comments and 'hearing' the real peoples' voices and opinions. It may be our free gifts to them.”

NoSillyName on Aug 30, 2008 at 16:00:15

“I don't know. Do you think they really care what we think?”
Where The John Edwards Scandal Is Headed

Where The John Edwards Scandal Is Headed

Commented Aug 21, 2008 at 14:03:05 in Politics

“Very interesting article! This uninvited hauntingly ‘private gone public’ drama has provoked an array of emotional reactions from us...the reluctant audience. This family crisis (which should have remained deeply private) has violated boundaries we hoped were still intact in the name of morality. For spouses wanting to believe their partner could not and would not do this to them and the children, this betrayal has troubled us. For those of us fighting to believe in our political leaders, this tragedy as provoked a deep sense of frustration and distaste.

Personally, your series of articles have nothing to do with the nasty details, but have offered a guide for those of us who remain ' bothered' by this on-going saga. Perhaps we are waiting for this family to seek and instigate some constructive positive solutions to publicly ease the insanity thus relieving us from our own nagging and sickening reactions.

PS One last constructive thought….sell the house and donate like crazy while making amends to those hurt in this scandal!”