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AZ Gov. Jan Brewer's Choice

Commented Apr 22, 2010 at 20:38:59 in Politics

“If a person is 'illegal', or presumed to be, why not ask for proof of citizenship? I was visiting France, (I'm not French nor do I speak French) I would not be offended to be stopped and questioned. Here at home, I carry my driver's license and passport all the time, because I live in a border state.
I am stopped and asked, near Tubac and other checkpoints, if I am an American Citizen. I am not offended by the question.

As Cherokee / Irish, my ancestors have endured 'profiling' - you betcha! It took CENTURIES not decades, for them to blend into this melting pot. Dad's Irish and Mom's Cherokee family learned the language, respect the law and became American!

They did not carry around Irish or Cherokee flags, nor demand respect, honor, allegiance for their country from the general public. They lived life, follow American values and laws, including paying taxes, volunteering for public good, and doing what we can to INCLUDE, not EXCLUDE all social groups.

Mexicans sneaking in for freedom? Now, that's an oxymoron!
I have no prejudice against anyone but cheaters and liars. There's a right way to become American, and a wrong way. Sneaking in and breaking the rules, being 'illegal' can never result in freedom - only a self-imposed prison of cheating and lying, fear and distrust.
Can they hold their head up? BE American?' Not till they do it the right way. The honorable way. The American way.”

Pherdnut on Apr 26, 2010 at 02:20:32

“Because the reason they're being asked for their ID is because they are brown or don't speak English as a first language. That's what we call racism and you would completely flip out if you thought somebody was singling you out or asking for your ID in the US because of your ethnicity. Stop lying to yourself.”

Azbronco on Apr 25, 2010 at 07:58:45

“What if your sneaking in for a better life to put food on the table and have your kids go to better schools. Maybe you don't want them growing up to be drug dealers and you want them to have a chance. This is a crime?”