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Texas Abortion Bill Filibustered By State Senator Wendy Davis Is Dead

Texas Abortion Bill Filibustered By State Senator Wendy Davis Is Dead

Commented Jun 29, 2013 at 06:56:48 in Politics

“The protesters erupted because the Republican leadership was breaking the rules of the Senate. The bill failed in regular session because a bill requires 2/3 majority; in the special session, the Republican leadership did away with the 2/3 majority rule and stated a simple majority would pass the bill. A filibuster cannot be broken unless there are 3 violations that involve straying off-topic; the second voilation Sen Davis was handed was for receiving aid in adjusting a back brace. The Senate leadership stated, in the event of a 3rd violation, a vote would be called to determine if the violation would stand, then a vote to end the filibuster, then finally, a motion to vote on the bill. There was no vote on the 3rd violation, no vote to end the filibuster just a "okay, we're done". Other Democratic senators raised points of order to get everything back on track and the leadership did not follow the rules, ignored them and tried to hold a roll call vote on the bill.
The way the Texas Republican Senators broke the rule (going so far as to try to change the time stamp of the vote -- a FELONY offense) -- is not the business of government, it is an arrogant abuse of power.”