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LIHEAP: Congress, White House Cut Heating Assistance Just In Time For Winter

LIHEAP: Congress, White House Cut Heating Assistance Just In Time For Winter

Commented Jan 11, 2012 at 06:58:11 in Politics

“how is it that even when faced with undeniable evidence of Democrats and Obama's culpability in crimes against poor and working class people, there are still people who manage to only look at what the Republicans are doing? What does Obama have to do to prove that he never was, isn't now and never will be on our team, the 99%? Even after him signing indefinite detention bill, after his administration specifically threatening a veto of the bill NOT BECAUSE OF CIVIL LIBERTIES CONCERNS but because of the administrations opposition to amendments that would have exempted US citizens AND because the original didn't give maximum prerogative to Executive Branch privilege - EVEN AFTER THIS, there are still liberals unwilling to see that Obama and the Democrats are simply team B of corporate America, Austerity party# 2 and militarist party # 2. While Dems and Republicans are not the same, they serve the same bosses with different tactics and different roles in the American political establishment. We need to build an independent leftwing working class political movement/organization/candidates that are part and parcel of mass movements in the streets, workplaces and campuses.”

First namepat Sharp on Jan 24, 2012 at 23:15:38

“tyimenu...................It's because the Dems are hogtied by the corporatocracy.and know better...The Repubs are thick skinned and insensitive, & aspire to become the corporatocracy!”

spooge on Jan 11, 2012 at 19:37:10

“H.R. 3574
Sponsor: Rep. Tom Reed [R-NY29]”
huffingtonpost entry

Five Washington Excuses for Ignoring the Jobs Crisis

Commented Aug 19, 2010 at 19:48:10 in Business

“@Erdgeist, unfortunately tariffs make the situation worse in a global capitalist economy. This was tried during the Great Depression and it made the situation much much worse because other economies retaliated by not accepting US goods.

The only answer is to fight for a full employment, living-wage and full benefits economy by relying on the collective power of the working class to protest, strike, take direct action, be unafraid to break a few rules and break with the two parties of big business for the slow painful process of building an independent mass party of the left, based on the social movements, trade unions, etc... Instead of copying what the European ruling class is doing, we should copy European workers, particularly in Greece, Spain, Ireland and Italy and build consciousness to the point we can take mass action.

Let's end the reliance on Messianic figures like Obama who has been anything but.

It starts by rejecting the lesser of two evils the Democrats, whose purpose is simply to absorb mass anger into safer channels. This is the best Democrats have to offer! We shouldn't make the mistake that its just a question of a lack of spine with the Democrats. WRONG!!! They are not idiots. They are doing the bidding of the corporations that put them there.

On the streets, there's a saying "real recognize real". We better recognize Democrats are playing their role in US capitalist politics and we should get busy building an independent mass alternative.”

progressivestance84 on Aug 20, 2010 at 02:14:04

“The Chinese are already causing a trade war by artificially pegging the yuan to the dollar. Its time to retaliate, but the fools in DC are too afraid of Chinese. They hold all of our debt after all. They also produce all of our goods. Your workers mobilization may make policy changes, but the economic reality is that if you don't put tariffs on foreign made goods, then you will be competing with slaves in China, Vietnam, and India. The cycle will repeat itself. Tariffs please.”