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unoforever's Comments

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I'm NOLABound

I'm NOLABound

Commented Mar 16, 2012 at 20:51:38 in Black Voices

“I certainly wish Ms. Martin well. She should know however Hurricane Katrina was the catalyst literally capitalizing on disaster -- to demographically whiten the city. This involved the demolition of four of the city's traditional public housing developments -- locking out tens of thousands of paid leaseholders (mostly African American single-headed households with children). Rents remain nearly 50% higher than before the storm -- effectively keeping tens of thousands from being able to return home.

More than 7,000 certified public school educators and support staff were summarily fired -- replaced by mostly white, young "Teach for America" graduates. Disaster recovery funds now benefit privatized charters with little community accountability (and grades which by their own admission remain substandard).

One of the nation's largest safety net hospitals, Charity Hospital, was also closed -- despite the heroic efforts of its workers and the U.S. Military to reopen it within weeks of the storm. Charity's closure has created the nation's largest mental health crisis. In the meantime a large swath of Mid-City has been torn down for still not-fully-funded VA and LSU Medical Center replacements.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, more than 118,000 black and 24,000 white New Orleanians did not return to the city. Many of the city's poorest folks still desire to return -- but are effectively barred from doing so by a so-called "recovery" defined more by its "disaster capitalism" character than by any intention to truly welcome home all who had called our city home before Katrina.”

pjean7336 on Mar 17, 2012 at 17:17:21

“UH.....and you see these as bad things???? C'mon, Man. I am an native New Orleanian and I love my city. However, I think some changes were needed. After all this is a tourist city whether you like it or not. Therefore, the rents will be higher. The projects needed to be torn down since they catered to the low income and bred generations of poverty stricken people. They are replaced with modern rent or own housing. The medical corridor that is being built will bring in new jobs, and be recognized as one of the premier facilities in the nation with cutting-edge research being included. Finally, our schools needed a "shot in the arm" with educators who want to teach and not just babysit classrooms, which is why we were in the bottom when it comes to education compared to other cities.

So why are you trying to go back to the way things were like bringing back the projects breeding crime, and low paying teachers that didn't care about students.

I love my city, but we need the changes!!!”

oilfield on Mar 16, 2012 at 23:49:34

“50% increase in rent in many years is what others are seeing around the country.....its all part of printing money....cost of living is going up....”